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-Breloom. Probably the best Fighting-type in the game, Breloom has great speed and attack, as well as a great moveset.

-Ludicolo. With an amazingly diverse movepool and insane stats, as well as good type coverage, Ludicolo is just plain good.

-Metagross. While only obtainable in the postgame, Metagross has to be mentioned due to the great movepool that it has.

-Swampert. A Ground-type is always good, and a Water type is also very good. Combine those two, add in good stats and a good movepool, and you have a great Pokemon.

-Flygon. Immunity to Electric- and Ground-type attacks? Hell yes. Good movepool? Yep. Good stats? You know it. Just keep it away from Ice attacks and it'll destroy everything.
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