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    Intro: UPDATE! I added 2nd gen graphics to the hack so enjoy!


    New Starters!
    Raised the difficulty of the Gym Leaders
    They also have stronger and better Pokemon
    The Rival has new Pokemon
    His Pokemon are a little easier.
    Gen 2 Sprites included


    Rival: 100%
    Gym and E4: 100%
    In Game Trades: 100% (Easier Pokemon to Trade)
    Prizes: 100%
    Title Screen Pokemon: 100%
    Text: 0% (Don't know if I should)
    PokeMarts: 100%
    Trainers: 0%
    Graphics 100%




    A good friend who reminded me about this little Hack
    Swampert (For the tools I made)
    Danny for Gen 2 Sprites Upgrade

    New Update download link:
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