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    Originally Posted by Kenshin5 View Post
    Hopefully a Plasma arc comes to fruition, but either way it doesn't seem like their presence will be wasted like I was beginning to feel they were going to just be written out. Although the portion of the trailer really doesn't give us much insight.

    Pika takes out Samurott from the looks of the scans.

    I hope that theory comes to light, cause for me the League didn't really seem league like. For instance usually they have some kind of festive atmosphere, and Mr. Goodshow is present. In this cause neither was there. There was little build up to the league. I mean sure there was a little build up while they were staying at the Villa.

    As for the Eeveelution yeah it seems like a move related evo that would have to occur. Of course who knows what evo methods they would have by sixth gen.
    For Kotetsu, the scan with full team rosters had 2 Samurott on Kotetsu's team. He could have 2.

    For Eevee, keep in mind the Anime isn't good at keeping Evolutions to Canon versions. They may evolve one way in the games but the anime doesn't always follow that. Same said for Form Changes for some Pokemon.
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