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Considering "Freeing" Pokemon wasn't even their real goal, there isn't much to contribute. Team Plasma was attempting World Domination using sympathy to guard them from most attacks. Demonizing the sport of Pokemon Training and using pretty speeches to make them look as if they were sincere about what they did.

In reality they were a cross between Rocket and Galactic. They stole Pokemon from Trainers and abused wild Pokemon that held significant possible promise to their goal.

Some members of Plasma were seduced by Ghetsis' silk speech about freeing Pokemon while others were there for the real scheme behind the false advertising. Ghetsis wanted to Dominate if not create an entirely new Unova using N as a Poster Child to lead the way.

They covered many plot basis. Only thing that could have been different was if they were to really go PETA on the Trainers and not focus on World Domination but segregation of Pokemon and Humans.
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