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    Originally Posted by Pointblank View Post
    Name: Matthias Bowman

    Nickname (Optional): Matt, Mr. Bowman

    Age: 26

    Sex: Male

    Job: Battle Expert, Trainer and Pokemon Athleticism, pokemon and regular astronomy

    Appearance: Matt is very tall and muscular, reaching to a height of six feet seven inches tall. He has short, messy brown hair that is left as a mop on top of his head. Matt has bright blue eyes, the kind that pierce into you when they make contact with your eyes. Matt's face is sculpted roughly, with a sharp, pointed chin and a small, yet triangular nose, along with a solid jaw and brow. Matt has a stubble beard and moustache. Matt has a muscular build, yet is still very athletic. Matt has broad shoulders and thick arms. Matt wears a black T-shirt with no logos or designs on it, along with a black sport coat over the shirt. For pants, Matt wears blue jeans. Complete that look with white low-top sneakers, a gold wristwatch and a pair of aviator sunglasses, you have the visual form of Matthias Bowman.

    Personality: Matthias Bowman is very laid back, often a very slack teacher who gives students freedom. Matt is a very calm and relaxed person, and does not get riled up easily. He is very patient, a trait that helps him as a teacher. Matt is easy to talk to, and is a very good at giving advice to students. Matt views being a teacher as making sure the students enjoy while they learn, and therefore uses lots of hands-on methods to teach his students. Matt is unaffected by most matters, and appears to be very aloof most of the time. Matthias is often not very authoritative, and prefers to go with the flow as opposed to making a major shift. Matt is very friendly, and is a nice person to the people he knows, and treats his students and friends with respect. However, Matt never goes out and meets new people, preferring to stay within the small group of friends he has. Despite his intimidatingly large frame, Matt is a shy, yet friendly giant.

    History: Matthias Bowman was born in Mossdeep City, Hoenn. Matthias was born to two engineers, Celia and Robert Bowman, who worked at the space launch in Mossdeep. Due to this, Matthias got to see spaceships and astronauts at a young age, which made him want to be a astronaut when he would grow up. This dream carried into his teenage years, when he figured out he would have to be in shape. Matthias became heavily involved with sports, as well as Pokemon training. Pokemon training became Matt's favourite hobby, investing his spare time into raising and battling pokemon. Matt grew into quite a formidable trainer, going to tournaments and doing very well in them. Even then, Matthias didn't know how important that Pokemon battling skill would be. After completing high school, Matt applied into the Space program. Acing the physical exam, Matthias failed the written, thus not making into the program. Having to wait until next year to retry, Matt travelled the region, battling with his pokemon, Machamp and Blaziken. Matt dominated, winning tournament after tournament and even almost beat the Elite Four challenge. After one year of battling after failing his exam, Matt retried. He begun by acing the physical exam once again, but also passed the written exam, getting into the space program. Matt was in the space program for seven years, starting as an astronaut then reassigned as a fitness coordinator for the astronauts. During this time, Matt added an Umbreon to his party. After these seven years, at age twenty-six, decided to leave the space program in order to take a job offered by Gary Oak to be a teacher at the Pokemon Trainer's Academy, the most prestigious pokemon related school in the world. Ecstatic, Matthias accepted the job.


    Species: Umbreon
    Nickname: Astra
    Personality: Astra is very shy and alert, and is always on her toes. She is very silent, not much for interactions, and has a cold personality.
    Lvl: 41
    Bite-Faint Attack
    Confuse Ray-Iron Tail
    Double Team-Protect

    Species: Machamp
    Nickname: Helio
    Personality: Helio is very aggresive and headstrong, who acts first and thinks second.
    Lvl: 48
    Vital Throw-Cross Chop
    Focus Punch-Ice Punch
    Thunder Punch-Poison Jab

    Species: Blaziken
    Nickname: Nova
    Personality: Nova is very quiet and secretive, but is very loyal will lash out against anyone who tries to attack Matt.
    Lvl: 50
    Fire Punch-Double Kick
    Sunny Day-Blaze Kick
    Brave Bird-Solar Beam
    My SU is ready for review. Hope you like it, this RP looks like great fun.