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    Originally Posted by Chelseaplaya View Post
    Swampert's been my favorite since I started playing a few months ago. I hardly knew anything about the game and played Emerald. The only pokémon I trained was my Swampert and I beat the e4 with him and Rayquaza. Back to topic. I started the hack and chose Charmander as my starter. I also caught Feebas with that first Ultra Ball I received. I like how they're the only balls available(from what I've seen anyway). I really didn't expect getting options from other region starters as well so I tried to start a team with the male and female Nido ,which I really loved on Leaf Green till I lost my save file and the Growlithe. If I'd known from the start my team would probably be:

    Bulbasaur(I chose Charmander)
    Cyndaquill(I chose Totodile)
    Mudkip(I chose Treeko )

    I don't know the Zhery Region(I think that's what its called) that well so the rest of my team would probably include the male Nido,Gardevoir/Gallade(If possible) and maybe Milotic depending on how early in the game I could evolve Feebas. If exp. Share is given to me early in the game I'd train my Magickarp instead though. I've beaten the first gym ,but I'm probably gonna start over,but this will only be when I have time and exams are done.
    Just to tell you you can get normal 5 pokeballs after that event
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