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    Originally Posted by PhantomX0990
    I'm just wondering if anyone has an opinion. I'm trying to sort my thoughts here.
    I think that this bunch of labels are just that: labels.
    Like SassyMilkshake said, you are what you are. Furthermore, this labels are only to guide someone to know him or herself. Each case is different, believe it, so you don't have to worry about you don't following the model of some label, afterall you're an individual being. You are what you are, and set aside these labels if they're giving you any worries. They weren't meant for that.

    Though it's a different question, I was thinking about something.

    I know that the gender doesn't affect the sexuality, like only because someone is transgender this doesn't means that this person is homosexual too.
    But my question is:
    Why do people relate transgenders with homosexuality?

    What I think is that society sees everyone in standarts, such as manxwoman and womanxman. If a man feels like a woman, so he necessarily has to be attracted to other men, because that's what woman must do.
    This same rule has to apply to the homosexuals themselves in their relationships. Most of people think that in a gay couple, one has to assume the role of the "woman", and the other, of the "man".
    So everyone has to follow this model. I think this hole concept is completety misunderstood.

    I wanna know what other people here think of this topic.