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Dragon Pokémon Club

Welcome to the Dragon Pokémon Club! We need a better description... uh, introduction here, but this will have to do. One thing that should be obvious when you came to this thread: we're a club about dragon and draconic Pokémon. That's all there to it.

Got rules?

Indeed we do have rules here. What club doesn't have rules?

1. As always, all PokéCommunity rules have to be followed. After all, the club's hosted in PC...
2. Spamming in the club? That's a big no-no. Same thing goes with trolling and harassment. We do take these seriously.
3. When you join the club, try to be active, though you're not obligated to be active. However, even just one post every day helps a lot, and goes a long way towards club and your activity.
4. The dragon and draconic Pokémon in the list is as static as it gets - it probably will change only every time a new generation of Pokémon is introduced, but there may or may not be some open to dispute.


We don't have a form for signing up, as technically you're in when you post your first post in the thread. Still, you can always "pretend" to have a sign-up post of sorts, by using the standard sign-up format. This will also allow you to specify anything specific about who/what you'd like to be (list of stuff coming later). Otherwise, just start out by replying to a topic or following the current discussion.


What do you think, in your heart, is the perfect dragon (Pokémon or not)?


Pave Low
Icy Burn
rudiecantfail ?
Mononoke Hime

Dragon Pokémon

Dragon Pokémon


Draconic Pokémon


Pokémon in the Dragon egg group


Related Pokémon


Dragon Pokémon Trainers

This list includes all (predominantly or featured) Dragon Pokémon Trainers that show up in the main series games.

We need promotion!

Rising from the ashes, huh? We're starting from square one, again, so if anything, we're going to have to talk about it. Promote it! Yup, we're going to have to get the word out about this club if this club were to be active with real people.

Hmm... There will be a lot of ways where we can do just that. Signature links are but just one way of doing so.

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