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    I'll try and grab Johto.

    Have a SU by lunch hopefully.

    Name: Seph Daror
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Region: Johto


    Personality: Seph was someone who had hope. Someone who could lead others to victory because of his resolve. Now he’s nothing like that. He’s broken and can’t even keep his own hope alive. He’s quiet, serious, and extremely negative with a short temper to top it all off. His ideals of a free Johto have changed to a thirst for vengeance on Rocket. He appears cold to strangers, but in all truth he is only trying to keep others from his pain. It’s all a shell to keep himself safe from this harsh world.

    History: Seph grew up in the northern Johto city of Blackthorn. It was a great place to grow up. The trainers there were some of the best in the region, the gym defiantly was, and the Dragon’s Den was renowned for its place in history. Seph was excited to be a part of it. He knew when he was older he’d be able to join that tradition. Then things changed. Seph didn’t know why though. Lots of the trainers left, people were always on edge, and the gym leader along with the elders vanished. His parents especially tried to shelter him from the news. They couldn't shelter him when they finally came. Despite its proximity to the boarder Blackthorns mountain ranges had staved off the Rockets for a while, but the city fell quickly once they came.

    The next few years Seph lived hearing murmurs of what the city used to be; of the great history there. All things that had gone. Blackthorn had been prosperous and kept Proton off their backs, but the money began to run out. Those who worked were to concerned with themselves to help the rest of the city, so now the lower class began to crumble. The majority of citizens had once been trainers, but without tournaments they had no income and their pokemon were quickly taken. Now and then a trainer would refuse and fight back. The sounds would echo through the empty city. Seph hated and feared those sounds because they always ended the same. His only solace was when the storms would settle over Blackthorn the mountains blocking their way. Most of the rockets wouldn’t be out in the storms so at least those horrible sounds were gone. The storms also reminded Seph of one of the many Johto legends. There was a pokemon who would ride the storm clouds and come down on lightning. If it came perhaps it could chase off the rockets. Maybe just maybe they could have a chance at life again.

    Legendary Pokemon: Suicune, though in character he’ll be at ends with it as he prefers Raikou

    Password: T NPC one
    Other: Seph will get along terribly with his legendary at first, and work mostly out of need instead of loyalty.
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