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    Originally Posted by 11wildy View Post
    Insane gym leaders battles were done! Wattson's Magneton was taken down by Masquarain after it was paralysed by Beautifly's stun spore, it wouldn't land a hit, and Masquarain even critted him to death! I love Masquarain now! And Flannery was swept by Ninjask, who used swords dance 3 times after the first Slugma was at -6 sp atk. Then Dig sweep, all OHKOs. Then I caught a Anorith, which I'm currently grinding.

    Now I really need to know if I can use Slateport market shops or not, so I can buy a few more Secret power and Hidden power TMs...
    Just wondering... Are you going to use two more bug types like heracross or pinsir?

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