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Don't mean to change the subject to quickly but I have POSSIBLE BIG NEWS!

The US Supreme Court is deciding today if it's going to take up same-sex marriage. There are 8 possible challenges to bans (including California's Prop 8 ban and the national DOMA law which makes same-sex marriage illegal at the federal level) that the court might take up. Depending on what challenges they choose to hear and what they decide (if they do) we could see marriage equality become a reality very, very soon.

If the court doesn't take up Prop 8, for instance, it would mean that whatever the last court, the one right below the Supreme Court, ruled on it would be the final ruling, and that court said it was crap, so in California, in perhaps a matter of house, we might hear that it's (or will be soon) legal to marry again.

Now if SCOTUS decides to hear one of the challenges to DOMA directly there's every possibility that they could overturn ALL marriage bans in the country, although there's just as much a chance in this scenario that if they rule against DOMA they'll just say that states should decide who can get married and leave all the bans in place.

So... yeah. Could be a crazy good day.