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    Originally Posted by Squidchan View Post
    Thinking about goats, I wouldn't mind seeing their take on a tree-climbing goat.
    Wouldn't it be awesome?! Specifically, the Markhor, wich is a species of wild goat. Those horns really look like drills or something. I'm visualizing now an angry Markhor using Megahorn or Earthquake.

    Originally Posted by Mr Cat Dog
    If Girafarig and Zebstrika had a baby, it should so be a new Pokemon based on an okapi. It's one of my favourite animals, even though no one knows about it who hasn't played Zoo Tycoon. And it just looks so cute! :D
    It would be really nice. I love them. Maybe it could be a Normal type pokemon?

    Originally Posted by Honeyman View Post
    I realize that there also isn't any hammerhead shark yet. It could be an evolved form of a swordfish Pokemon.
    That's a nice idea. There's no proper shark in the pokemon world actually. Only Garchomp line, wich isn't so much off a shark. Sharpedo is half shark, and I don't like it.
    I still don't get how they could make only two shark pokemon.
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