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    Hello, I am dudebot. This is the story of a young trainer, Chrome, who realizes the destiny he was reluctant to grab in the Zetsuna region.

    [Quick notice: This is a story written in custom playwright. Though it will read like a script sometimes, there will be a few times where it comes off as novel reading. I let you know now in case you have problems with this type of format. Thank you for reading.]

    [Story notice (Possible spoiler): Prior to the upbeat tone and happy conversation starting this series off, it's gonna get a bit darker. I understand that this notice may ruin the surprise factor, but if you don't like that kind of stuff, I don't want you to get too attached to the series before I ruin it for you.]

    "Where is she?"

    "How should I know? I'm just a passing bystander."

    "You think this is a joke?"

    "I have to admit, it's pretty funny."

    "Laugh it up, then. She can't go far and she's definitely not leaving this region any time soon. My control is all but absolute here. I own Fortuna. I own Zetsuna. I own her."

    "You own this, you own that. That's all I've been hearing since I came to this region. I might not be able to play the hero that stops the organization this time around, but if I can keep one woman away from you . . . if it's just her, that's enough for me."

    "Well, I hope you're ready to pay her debt. I'll be expecting interest as well."

    "Good. I only give 110% in all my battles."

    The rain played background music for the conversation. Both men's feet were deep in muddled water as they stood face to face, passing the time with arguments and anguish.

    There was a man who stood dressed to impress. His dark suit drenched, he still stood upright. His eyes were squinted from bad vision, the rain and his anger all combined. He wanted it all. The man who stood before him didn't want him to have it. Why did he persist? The suited man couldn't understand it, nor would he tolerate it. This girl, her worth, it was rightfully his to claim. The power was rightfully his. He clinched hard to the red and white ball in his right hand. No one would stand in his way. That's what he worked for. He toiled for a future of such dominance and he wouldn't be denied.

    The other man stood aloof. His soft smile warmed the watery atmosphere. The rain was blocked from his face by the shielding of a red hat. His hands were in his pockets. His demeanor was carefree. His stance, relaxed. The man didn't have a nervous moment. His confidence portrayed him as a wise old soul, but visibly, he was young. Barely a young adult, he stood strong before the suit. There was no resolve. There was no penultimate goal that was to come from this battle to him. All that he prepared for was for the battle. To him, it had always been the battle. Before, it was his only instinct. Before, he won only to win. His soft smile didn't fade, but it's emotion did. This time, he lost. Even if he were to win this battle, he lost. He lost everything. Now, standing in between great power and greater power, all he could do was rely on the instinct. All he could do was rely on the battle. Though, he knew well that this battle wouldn't make much of a difference.

    "Come out, Blaziken!" the suit screamed ferociously. "Now, use Sunny Day!"

    The fiery bird fighter launched a ball of light far into the clouds. For a moment, the weather was expected to break. After a while, it didn't. The suit couldn't believe it as he stared at the sky.

    "It didn't work?" He was puzzled entirely.

    "You should probably know," the red hat started. "This isn't normal rain. This isn't even a normal storm. It's probably nothing more than a coincidence that this is happening right now, but that doesn't stop it from being eerie."

    "What are you talking about?" The suit gained no clarity from that response.

    "You didn't notice? This isn't a victory for either of us, today. This isn't just a battle to protect that woman either. This is something entirely different. A dawn of a new day. No . . . "

    The youth with the red hat stopped for a moment as a loud roar blanketed the land. The waters shook with the sound heard far and wide. After moments, the silence resumed and the rain stirred. The youth raised his red hat to the sky before taking his hand, and the ball it contained, and raising it to the sky.

    "This is the dawn of darkness."

    Chapter One - The Meeting
    Chapter Two - The Goodbye
    Chapter Three - The Encounter
    Chapter Four - The Thoughts
    Chapter Five - The Bond
    Chapter Six - The First pt. 1
    Chapter Seven - The First pt. 2
    Chapter Eight - The First pt. 3
    Chapter Nine - The Heat
    Chapter Ten - The Grunts
    Chapter Eleven - The Inspection
    Chapter Twelve - The Scared
    Chapter Thirteen - The Friendly
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