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    Summary: This Sci Fi adventure romp follows the daily life of Takashi Gen, a boy with the power to temporarily transform into one of his past lives(some of which will be female...) and use their abilities. Can he bring two vastly different worlds together while also choosing between three very...different and interested females? That will have to wait, since he's too busy fighting off bounty hunters, Surrogates, and even demons!


    {Technology Realm: Year 2500}

    Technology, in the world of a brilliant scientist who lives in the most advanced house in Japan has advanced so far that most illnesses are gone, even the common flue. Instead of physical sicknesses, there are emotional illnesses, greed, anger, prejudice; these are the diseases that plague mankind now, particularly in the government. Deep inside the scientist’s lab, we join him enjoying a nap on his computer desk. Two years ago he had made a happy discovery, how to quite literally give life to technology; and with this discovery he had created an assault ship capable of out gunning and out running nearly every ship known to date. While a seemingly unimportant scientist enjoyed a dream of his family being whole again, he was interrupted by a loud siren and flashing red lights.

    “Warning, warning; Surrogate army troops detected in Zone 4, troops are heavily armed and have penetrated Zone’s 5, 6 and 7. Alert, Doctor…..DOCTOR!”

    It was of course an automated voice, the one he designed to sound like his wife; for rather personal reasons. After shutting his alarm off manually by imputing a few commands into his holographic keyboard the man got up from his seat. He shut down the computer and entered a room of monitors after a few hallways of walking. It wouldn’t be as bad if it was the White Mage army, they simply adored his experiments; but no, it had to be the overzealous and destructive Surrogates!

    “What are you government dogs doing here? This facility is protected by federal law and is intended to develop technology to help the environment.” The scientist stated roughly frustrated as he spoke through an intercom to the general knocking on his door with the back of his hand.

    “Don’t get “fresh” with me Arata San; you know full well that those tree hugging white knight fools are all simpleminded women. I think we both know why I’ve come for a visit, a few of our spies have decoded several encrypted data transmissions to those fools; I’m sure our army could find a much more appropriate use for your…ha, pet project…” The man obviously in charge of the group of soldiers pretty much ready to break down the door to get in.

    Arata’s eyes grimaced as he viewed the soldiers ready to intrude his home without permission at any time. All of them were armed tooth and claw with the latest weapons for close combat, each more science fictional than the last; they came complete with an exoskeleton made of carbon fiber, powered from solar energy from the now bright red sun. There was no way he would stand a chance without some way to fight back.

    “Encoded messages? Those were just brilliant minds sharing notes; you don’t seriously think that I, a man who personally solved the problem of the depleted ozone layers would create a weapon? You must be reading too many science fiction novels my good general.” That was a big fat lie; Arata knew the Surrogates had found out about his secret plan that would run those dogs into the mud where they belonged.

    “Now, now doctor; I have legal evidence that you’ve been developing some kind of war machine. And our men would be oh so overjoyed to add your brain to our fold. Men, begin your assault on this man’s apartment on my signal~” The general chimed rather sarcastically as he began to raise his hand into the air, he paused midway and looked directly at the monitor, a childlike yet sinister glint in his eyes as he did so.

    Armed craft, bah, war machines, bah again! Arata wasn’t a conceited servant of the government, no; he was an honorable researcher through and through! There was no way he was about to let his project fall into the hands of mankind’s equivalent to the devil himself. The thing that he had created was much more significant than a toy with a trigger. However, there wouldn’t be any stopping the general from intruding on his home, so he thought up a plan; and he thought it up quick.

    “Alright general; you’ve had your fun…I’ll be a good boy and let you search my lab, but I promise you will find nothing of military interest here~ Give me a few minutes to prepare some snacks and I’ll gladly greet you with open arms.” Okay, it was another bluff, but a damn good one since Arata’s poker face was second only to the good queen’s stern expressions.

    The general seemed to be satisfied with his response, so Arata didn’t waste time making his way to the laboratory where his big project was sleeping. Several floors underground, he made his way to a large hanger, which housed an oddly shaped air craft that resembled a sting ray; the craft itself was about twice the size of a modern military jet. Its eye catching emblems symbolized peace rather than war and it’s brilliant sheen would blind someone if the light angle was just right. Although he was skeptical to use this stage of the experiment so soon, there was no choice but to use this process. Otherwise the last two years of reverse engineering an alien craft into something man could use would go to waste. As doctor Arata punched in some commands on another holographic computer a digital display appeared showing a collection of data forms, after putting on a pair of black interface gloves he began to manipulate and shape the data.

    “Doctor….while I appreciate you restoring my life functions, I would prefer you do not handle my core data so abruptly. And why are you accessing my corrupted material formation data…this is highly irregular activity for you….” The female voice was completely digital, it sounded like something a GPS might use in place of a male voice.

    “I’m sorry my child, but we have little time and we have some rather unsavory guests outside. Please, you must trust my judgment; let me access your transformation and materialization functions!” Arata responded harshly with a hurried tone and a nervous look on his face, it was difficult to even understand how a ship could have a soul, yet this one did.

    “Without being told of your plan, I fully understand…I hope you have made the proper choice doctor; and I pray that you won’t act brashly. I am after all…just a machine..” The computerized voice responded with a rather intrigued tone.

    Just a machine, the thought of what the digital figure had said confused Arata to no end; however this didn’t matter at the moment, what did matter is now that he had full control of her data, he could take the reengineering process to the second stage. He would hide his discovery in the last place any soldier would look for military class weaponry, right in front of their eyes. Arata’s hands motioned to manipulate the form of the data that created the ship, and doing so he created a double-helix shape; not unlike the one that demonstrates the form of human DNA. Once he was through, he clasped his hands around all of the data and scattered it into specks of light; this caused the large ship to do the same, shortly afterward it slowly formed the figure of a human girl. The girl had a skinny but not too skinny figure and an almost flat bust-line, what she lacked in curves she made up for with her beautiful brown eyes and crimson hair that hanged just above her waistline.

    “Doctor, I’m afraid I do not understand; what purpose does this rather erm…organic form serve to hide me? And where are all my armaments?” The girl’s voice was as human as her form, although her clothes were alien in design, it seemed like something of a school or academy uniform.

    “Well that’s the beauty of it Anna, the best place to hide is often in plain sight is it not? As for your weaponry, I’ve disabled the functions for the moment; however you will be able to access your various functions should the need arise.” Arata responded kindly with a smirk as he patted her on the head, she reminded him of what his granddaughter would’ve liked had she lived long enough.

    Plain sight my ass…this perverted old goat probably just wanted something nice and fleshy to look at… Anna thought with frustration as she endured the odd term of endearment and watched him start to head out of the lab.

    {Technology Realm: A few minutes of explanations later}

    “Ah I see, so those encoded data transmissions were you and your gal with those annoying white knights planning a trip for your niece to visit you. Now, what was it you were going to have your niece test for you? In the parts we did manage to decrypt there was chat about…black holes and some rubbish about hypertime?” The general asked curiously as he sipped from his cup of tea that Arata had prepared for him.

    “Oh that, don’t worry about it general Mason; the hyper time is merely theoretical and has little use even in practical terms. As for the black holes, that is why I’ve asked my Niece to come and visit with my wife’s permission.” Arata stood up and brushed the cookie crumbs off of his pants before he started to head out of the living room of his laboratory.

    Arata lead General Mason and Anna to a somewhat low-tech looking computer room, most of the equipment was still in the years of late two thousand and two. It pretty much felt more or less like the computer room at any school, with the exception of the back wall. A massive tubular device that could be compared to the top half of a space shuttle with room enough for one person to sit in the padded area within the door. As soon as Anna saw the dimensional distortion device, a light bulb clicked on in her head; she knew exactly what the doctor was thinking now.

    So that’s it, you intend to hide me right under their noses in another dimension; clever doctor, but very risky. Anna thought coldly as she directed some dagger eye glares at doctor Arata.

    “Now Anna don’t give me that look; this test is purely experimental, I’ll just be teleporting you to your mother’s headquarters with this machine.” Arata responded with a warmhearted tone as he opened the door of the machine and lead Anna into the small chamber inside it.

    “Your Niece doesn’t seem too thrilled to be your guanine pig Arata san, but I must admit it’s rather amusing that your wife gave you permission~” General Mason stated with a rather intrigued tone in his voice, somewhat amused with Anna’s expression as she folded her arms from inside the chamber.

    Arata just ignored Mason’s comment as much as Anna did, there were times when people like him didn’t even make any sense at all. There was no telling how complex the data inputs were to operate the device, but Arata knew the procedure like the back of his hand. A few coordinates, a date, and a true or false value were set before the final command line was given. As the machine powered up, the rest of the room’s electronic devices dimmed; Anna was surrounded by a bright white light inside the chamber for a few moments before the machine made the light disappear into thin air.

    “Well now…shame on you doctor, sending your niece possibly off to nowhere! Oh well, since there’s no weapons research going on here I’ll be on my way. You serve those tree hugging white coats quite nicely mister Arata.” Mason chimed as he patted Arata on the back before heading out of the room and the man’s house on his own.

    Arata simply ignored the generals taunts and decided to return to the work he was performing before he’d dozed off this morning; it was just a simple research project of how to combine light with matter to create holograms that could make physical contact, with enough power of course. As he worked on his project, he couldn’t help but feel like he’d forgotten something important. His oddly compulsive fears came true when a glaring red window popped up on his screen showing some of the DNA sections he’d created in red code and some in orange with a majority of it in green, after further examining the cyber DNA strands his face paled and he slumped down on the chair like a drunk.

    “Oh no; this line of code handles threat recognition, weapons controls and—dear lord…God help whoever receives the transmission I sent. Please let there be someone there who can handle that madness…in the other world…” Arata’s tone was as grim and confused as the data on his screen regarding Anna’s condition after the transmission was sent.

    {Magic Realm: 2015}

    Oddly enough, magic no longer exists in the magic realm, or rather; it doesn’t exist par-say, instead it appears as powerful psychic abilities ranging from invisibility to teleportation and even being able to survive in any environment. Mainly, people, especially young teens and adults who have higher IQ’s gain these abilities; and there is a place where many such children are sent. The massive apartment complex owned by the world’s most powerful psychic known as Haruka Gen; who has rumored to be able to topple armies without breaking a sweat using her ability. She cares for over thirteen students and treats them like family, teaching them martial arts and other forms of self-discipline; one such student is about to have his destiny changed forever; the major question here is what will that change be.

    “Takashi you maggot, wake up and get your brothers and sisters up; oh and don’t forget that today is chore day for you shrimp!” Haruka’s voice rang loudly in the mind of a sleeping Takashi, the image of her old yet Spartan face scared the living hell out of him too.

    “Yikes! Nana…why can’t you be like a normal grandma and come knock on my door when you wake me up??” Takashi moaned annoyed as he pretty much flew out of his bed from the shock of hearing such a loud voice and frightening thing in his head.

    Takashi’s room was just like all the other bedrooms in the complex, simple twenty four tatami mat floors with bamboo walls and wooden dressers with a mirror as well as a window to let the morning sun in. While the other contents of the rooms were different, Takashi’s room was littered with canvases, many of which held paintings of various famous or at least talented people in history. He put a solid white karate gi over his slender body and brushed his blonde hair, finally finishing by placing thin, square glasses over his blue eyes. His first chore of the day was a montage of waking up the other residents of the orphanage slash dojo thing that his caretaker and legal guardian managed; after that it was sweeping the floors, dusting out the futons and doing the laundry. By the time Takashi had made it to the breakfast table nearly all of them were done eating and off to school, save for the ever so brilliant sister Kamiko.

    “So big brother; got stuck with the nasty chores today huh; too bad for you, nana always makes the best breakfasts!” Kamiko chimed tauntingly as she watched her brother sit down at the dining table in the stool next to hers.

    “Big deal, there’s still rice and carrots left and that’s good enough for a skinny rat like me. Huh…nobody took the fortune cookie again?” Takashi uttered in curiosity as he got a small portion of the somewhat hot carrots and rice for his plate and started eating his breakfast.

    “Yup, tenth straight week in a row too; that’s cause Nana makes those fortune cookies, and granny Gen’s fortunes always come true within the same week.” Kamiko responded with a smirk on her face, looking a bit smug as she finished off the last of her omelet.

    It was true that Haruka could see into the future, but predicting things was completely different from actually seeing them. Takashi remembered when one of his brothers took the fortune cookies and their fortune mentioned great growth, they were a foot taller the next day; the same thing happened for his originally flat sister Kamiko who’s last fortune said her IQ number would be more apparent. In less than a week the genius had made a formula that made certain parts of female anatomy grow to the same size as your actual IQ, normally not as surprising as it sounded; unless you happen to have an IQ of one hundred and thirty.

    “You know what, I could use some good luck for once; maybe it’ll say something about my future girlfriend or something!” Takashi stated in excitement as he reached for the cookie after finishing his meal.

    “Hmph, you’d best be careful what you wish for my young apprentice.” It was Granny Gen’s voice, this time she was standing next to him in person listening to the conversation and grinning a bit devilishly as she watched Takashi open his cookie.

    Takashi wasn’t surprised to see his caretaker and teacher in person, he knew she could somehow teleport short distances too; so her appearing behind him without warning didn’t shock him. Haruka was a woman in her eighties, who looked like she belonged in her fifties, and she dressed in monk-like clothes as opposed to kimonos. He’d grown used to such oddities since one of his sisters was a plasma being and one of his brothers was a man made of stone. There was nothing that could surprise him at this point in his life, except maybe a decent thriller movie which he avoided like the plague. His train of thought was stopped in its tracks when he read what the little slip of paper had said; it made his face turn pale.

    “Brace your heart to bore through the coming storm…what the heck does that mean? A coming storm…” Takashi uttered aloud as he checked the back to see if there were any lucky numbers like the fortune cookies in restaurants had.

    “Haha it wouldn’t be a fortune if you could figure it out so easily my eager one; once your afternoon classes are through you should meditate at the Sakuya Shrine until the answer comes to you. I should warn you though; do not underestimate the power of destiny.” Haruka stated with a smirk as she patted him on the back before starting to pick up the dishes on the table.

    The rest of Takashi’s day was pretty dull, he got an F in math class, and the subsequent classes of science and history; he got pounded on by the school’s bully and tossed into the dumpster again, and then he had to hike all the way up a very high hill to Sakuya shrine to meditate on some dumb fortune that made no sense. Not that it wasn’t a bad shrine, the Chinese style roof with the Japanese styled walls and doors was nice. The pictures on the paper walls depicted images of monk-martial artists meditating and inside the shrine was a statue of a strange woman in a beautiful dragon printed kimono, what really stood out was that she seemed to smile when he was near; it was hard to miss the two fox tails as well. There were a lot of things he wanted to find out, and more often than he could count, hanging around this small shrine usually gave him the answers he was looking for. However this time no matter how long he meditated on it he still couldn’t get an answer; there was only one option left, even if it did make him look like an idiot.

    “Uh…guess I’ll try…talking aloud to her…” Takashi uttered quietly as he stood up, talking to women was never his strong suit. “S—say…lady….Sakuya, if you’re really watching…um…” He paused mid-sentence when he felt another presence in the area, it was far away too.

    The sensing of another presence wasn’t the only thing that stopped him, he was nervous; sure it was just a statuette of a woman but it was an incredibly good likeness of an amazingly powerful one. Takashi was unsure exactly how to put it, he noticed that the gem on her forehead shimmered when he actually spoke out loud, was she listening? When Takashi took a bold step forward and gave her a stern look, the weather changed a bit, most notably thunder rolling and a circular pattern of clouds around the whole shrine area above the sky.

    “Ah—er, um st—strange weather huh, I mean it was clear and sunny a second ago and now it’s making like it’s gonna pour down rain. Ehehe…” Takashi’s body was reacting the way it should be in this situation, his knees were shivering and a cold chill washed down his spine.

    “Takashi…correct? You certainly are bold to speak with yourself so openly…” It was an ethereal voice, although quite clearly feminine as Takashi could imagine.

    “Myself? No! I’m talking to you—er, ma’am…I came to ask you something important about my life!” Takashi stood firm and pointed a closed fist outward at the statue, knowing clearly that he had to be serious around her to get a straight answer.

    “You can sense my musings? Intriguing, I didn’t expect your power to be this close to being awakened so soon; that Gen woman sure is a piece of work. Anyway, I am preparing a task for you set forth by Lady Haruka…do you accept it?” The mysterious voice was coming directly from the statue this time, although it still sounded spiritual at the most.

    A secret power, that was something Takashi had heard of; usually people with incredibly high IQ’s usually awakened with at least some kind of psychic power, Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, Tarakinesis, you name it, hell he was pretty sure there was even a power where you could manipulate the vary source of life in the world called Ki. But despite how many times he passed all of Haruka’s weird IQ tests, his school grades sucked balls and his physical abilities were well, unpleasant to think about. There was no way he had any ability that was cool like his sisters and brothers who Haruka adopted over time.

    “Wait, is this one of those ‘final test to be some mega strong fate changing guy’ kind of things, cause honestly you haven’t seen my resume’ lady! I suck hard at school and physical work and even harder at social life, what kind of hero is that huh??” Takashi spat out in a fit as the weather became more fierce, most notably a sort of wave of energy seemed to be forming inside the ring of clouds.

    “Hahaha—Haruka kun told me you would say something like that; dear Takashi, the measures of a hero are not merely by their might or skill, it is the power of their spirit that shapes who they are. And your spirit promises to be very powerful indeed. But I digress, we have a guest…do be a good boy and watch over her will you~” The voice chimed in a kind and motherly tone almost as if it were mocking Takashi’s question.

    “A guest….you’re joking right; there’s nobody here but me?” Takashi stated bluntly with a just as blank look in his eyes as he backed away from the statue’s shrine.

    “Ah, they haven’t arrived just yet; but I want you to take good care of them, even if they’re a monster, demon, angel or alien beast. They’re using quite a good portal to get here so you must treat them with honor.” The statue responded with a more serious tone as the weather became even more nasty and a beam of light shot into the sky from the gem on its forehead.

    “S—say WHAT now?? You don’t know what the hell this guest is going to be and you want me on watch duty, w—why?!” Takashi panicked and backed almost all the way to the steps up the hill, which was a good ten feet from the actual shrine area.

    It was at that moment that red lightning shot from the center of the portal and struck the statue, enveloping the entire hilltop area in a white blinding flash; an enormous wave of energy forced Takashi back inch by inch as what he could see of the shrine got obliterated by something before he fell backwards and tumbled all the way down three flights of fifty steps, something he hadn’t done since he was ten and it hurt just as much the second time. When he finally made it back to the top, his jaw almost disjointed and plummeted to the ground at what was left; it looked like a category four tornado decided to strike that one spot, but once his sight stopped being fuzzy, something else appeared. It was a young girl, wearing what looked like his schools uniform for his school, and her feet were sparking with that same red electricity that struck the shrine. The oddest thing was she was looking around the place like a lost five year old, was she the guest that lady Sakuya was talking about?

    After a few minutes of letting his knees shake from nervousness Takashi slapped himself and stormed up to her; if she was this guest what right did she have to destroy a shrine like that? As he got closer he had time to notice her features, simply black hair and commonly blue eyes, she had very little figure and he could tell she was sixteen, maybe seventeen years old; there wasn’t anything else very stunning or noticeable, except her spirit energy. Normally humans gave off a feint energy wave that even a psychic in training could pick up, but this girl didn’t give off any sensation like that at all. Of course before he could talk to the girl she vanished, either that or moved so fast that his eyes couldn’t track her; and appeared right behind him to tap him on the shoulder.

    “Hey…um…Takashi right…some lady named Sakuya told me to come here and find you.” Was the first thing to cross the visitor’s lips, which made Takashi flinch in surprise.

    “Sakuya sent you; uh, yeah…I’m Takashi…” Takashi paused briefly as he turned around in a hurry and pointed a finger at the destroyed shrine. “More importantly, do you have any idea what you did to lady Sakuya?!” He growled in frustration as he thought about what she said.

    “Oh! Uh, sorry about the statue, but if any big bad demons come after me you’ll be my knight in shining armor right?” The girl responded with a childlike innocence that seemed to ease Takashi’s stress.

    “Don’t change the subject lady; do you have any idea how much that statue is gonna c—hold the phone, knight in shining what now?” Takashi asked confused when the second thing that she said sank into his selective ears.

    “Don’t bother trying too hard to reason with her dimwit, she’s lost her memory entirely; either that or it was repressed by Sakuya while she was crossing the dimensional plains.” Haruka’s voice came so suddenly that Takashi almost jumped out of his skin; instead he fell flat on his face making the new girl laugh at him.

    Great, just wonderful; Takashi’s life was already hectic enough while following grandma Gen’s orders, now he was taking orders from Sakuya too. On the bright side the girl did seem to like him and have some odd air about her that relaxed him. He wasn’t about to get in bed with her but he could at least make her feel welcome until she got her memory back, if she really did lose it like granny said.

    “Hey I didn’t lose my memory! I just don’t know where I am, I should be in the white general’s headquarters now. Hmm…mister Takashi, what country am I in right now?” The girl stated as she stomped her foot at the old lady who assumed she was a clueless little girl.

    “White general; either you’re in total la-la land or you’re completely serious, just who is this White general anyway? Oh, and by the way, you’re in Japan, also you seem to know my name so how about telling me yours princ—ow! Dangit granny why the heck did you punch me in the gut like that!” Takashi whined as he was unexpectedly jabbed in the stomach by his mentor and caretaker.

    “Dimwit! You were meditating at Sakuya’s statue for this long to figure out some crap about getting a girl; and one falls right into your lap without any notice yet you don’t understand just how significant this young lady truly is! As for you missy, you’re in Japan, where the hell else; and Takashi seems to made a divine screw-up of himself, so why don’t you hang with him as long as you’re on our side of the realms.” Haruka shouted bitterly as she punched Takashi in the stomach once more after he talked back to her.

    “Hey don’t sign me off as a bodyguard, and what do you mean our side if there’s no war going on?” Takashi uttered in frustration as he recovered from the heavy blows of his so called guardian, sometimes she made no sense.

    “I’ll explain on the way back to the compound you moron, now young lady I suggest you introduce yourself so my idiot student knows who you are.” Haruka snapped back as she kicked him aside and turned to face the girl with a warm smile.

    “Eh?! Oh um alright, I uh…d-don’t really have a name; it’s just a bunch of hex codes and numbers, but I believe in your English alphabet it would be Anna. I’m so very pleased to meet you both, and um-well…please forgive me for intruding on your dimension; I was originally intended to be sent to my mother’s homestead.” Anna explained with some brief concern for mister Takashi’s health, she wondered why the boy just sat and took the punishment.

    Takashi was super confused about everything that had just happened, and being beaten by his sensei and parental guardian in front of a somewhat cute girl was humiliating. Haruka’s explanations about there being many possible alternate dimensions but only two that actually exist in a physical form gave him a headache; then there was the whole mess about having to babysit this visitor from another world and not knowing what the heck she was smoking sense she wanted him of all people to be her so called knight in shining armor. All in all, his life was going to get more interesting for sure, although even with his incredibly vivid imagination Takashi couldn’t fathom how wild things could, and most certainly would get.
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