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    I would love to join this club!
    Why? Dragons, since childhood I have been fascinated by these creatures. Awe-inspiring and appearance as guardian, I always introduces dragon aspects in my games RP or invented scenarios. They are simply beautiful, they inspire legends and virtue most of the time. That's why I admire this legendary race!

    Since each generation I liked to have at least one dragon Pokémon in my party.
    In the first generation it was Dragonite.
    In the second generation it was Gyarados.
    In the third one, it was Flygon, one of my favorite one with Altaria!
    In the fourth, it was Giratina, but I never added it in my party. I liked its history and I liked to imagine so many scenarios about it!
    In the fifth, it was Axew. A cute one :3 <3

    To be honest I like them all.
    But the negative thing is that in fact people use because they are "powerful." Personally I always use the cutest Pokemon and beautiful to beat all the trainers :3
    For example I used Axew to beat the league, at least, it adds to the difficulty! Some think it's stupid, but it's a bit like Ash, who does not change his Pokémon. I like them how they're <3

    If I had two choice my first choice would be:

    The second one would be:

    Altaria is so cute, there is nothing to say xD
    Altaria is weak for many players, but I liked to use it to heal my party during the battles. Simply amazing <3

    Charmander, yep, cute too.
    It was my second starter that I chose during the first cartridges! I'm kinda nostalgic, and Charmander will stay my favorite starter during many Generations.