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    This looks like a fun RP to be involved with!

    Hope I'm doing this right~

    Sign up form:
    Name : Nemo Dannan


    Age: 15

    Sex: Female

    Suicune Dorm

    Appearance: Nemo is a growing girl, but she's taller than most other students her age and has yet to stop. Thanks to a healthy lifestyle, her muscles are toned and defined, and a deceptively pale pallor. She keeps her teal hair cut short, so it doesn't get in the way of her training, and it's often left messy unless a stylist reels her in. While her petite facial features could make some underestimate her, Nemo's sharp silver eyes and exposed musculature let them know not to.

    She's not particularly one for fashion, and her attire consists of anything that lets her body move unimpeded; whether it be flowing robes or a tank top, but the latter are far cheaper. One constant part of her attire is a thick leather belt containing pouches with all she needs, distributed equally around her form to not upset her balance. Nemo also had a secret fondness for tattoos, but has been unable to trick anyone into giving her one.

    Personality: Nemo's personality has varied immensely over the time she grew up, leading to a somewhat unusual personality. She grows bonds quickly with those who respect her, but grows strong grudges against those don't, and will help her friends with their own vendettas. Loyal to a fault, but she can be brash in matters that can be solved with force. Despite these faults, Nemo is a very determined trainer who's diligent about her work and loves a good time, whenever it can be had. She has an admiration for those who art enthusiastic about the arts, and anyone who creates music especially.

    Nemo is at her best when she's around her Pokemon, who bring out the best in her, so she tries to keep at least one of them out of their balls at all times. They bring out her intelligence, from how much she's learned about balancing one's team in battles. They bring out her enthusiasm, shown with each action she declares and every handshake after a good battle. But, most of all, they exemplify her loyalty, in having grown them to where they are, and caring for their health each step of the way.

    Nemo was born in the practical wasteland that is Orre, where few Pokemon roam about and the denizens have learned to the value these creatures even more than most other regions. She was born into the hands of The Pyrite Martyrs; a minor street gang in Pyrite Town that had lasted through many years without extinction, and planned to keep it that way. As the daughter of one of the leaders, she was gifted with an Eevee at the age of five and taught to train with some of the older members.

    Being young, Nemo lost every battle against the established trainers who had been with their valued Pokemon for years, but she learned a little more after every battle, while she was tending to "Krissy" and her wounds. By the age of ten, she could hold her own for a few minutes and was allowed to battle other beginning trainers. Beating the other children, who hadn't practiced before, gave her a cocky attitude that would soon change her life. After challenging the child of the boss of The Pyrite Claw, her Krissy was killed by the opponent's brute force, who had been gifted with their parents' far more talented Croconaw.

    It struck the young girl deep, but the older members of her gang used it to teach her the value of strategy. A few weeks later, Nemo decided that she would be like Krissy would have; she would change as the situation demanded it, and do her deceased friend proud. She watched fighting Pokemon train by day, studied strategy by night, and, in fits of emotions, discovered her own psychic potential. But, her lessons said that one should always try to trick any opponents; so she told no one of her little discovery. It would be her ace in the hole.

    By the time she reached puberty, Nemo's parents decided it was time for her to get a replacement for Krissy, but she pushed away the offer and asked only for a Pokeball. She would earn her second Pokemon's respect herself. With the changes in her body, and the sudden growth spurts, she decided that she should aim for the perfection her Pokemon would, and began physical training with the Fighting Pokemon she'd only watched before. By her thirteenth birthday, Nemo was ready to find her second Pokemon.

    Sitting eagerly at the television on that day, she learned of an Absol sighting in the mountains, and declared her intentions to catch it to every member of The Pyrite Martyrs. Before noon, they taught her more specifically of the dirty fighting that Dark Pokemon often used, including their own tricks they learned over the years. So the young woman trekked into the mountains, and found the rumored Absol, who she attempted to fight hand-to-hand, to earn its respect.

    The fight went in Nemo's favor. Dark Pokemon were resistant to psychic abilities, so she instead used them to fuel her own muscles. Against the dirty tricks, she countered them like a professional fighter. By the end of the fight, they were both worn down and beaten softly, but the Absol showed its respect with a bow of its head, and Nemo returned victorious, to cheers and the party she deserved.

    Over the next year, Nemo grew her team to a set of Pokemon that matched her own virtues, so they could learn from her and her from them. With the help of Cassie, the name she'd given Absol, she captured a stowaway Ralts to practice her psychic abilities with, who she named Ezra. After that, she fought the Makuhita child of one of her other gang members, who would spar with her and train their techniques. She named him Berth.

    With her Pokemon trained enough, Nemo appeared to the public under the guise of a vigilante working for the Police and worked with them to take down The Pyrite Claw as revenge for Krissy; showing them just how far she'd came over four years and eliminating the gang's presence once and for all. The attention eventually caught the eye of Professor Gary Oak, who invited the talented young trainer to join the Pokemon Trainer Academy.

    Not wanting to disappoint the Professor, Nemo trained Cassie, Ezra, and Berth as much as was feasible before she left for the Academy, after a long farewell with her gang members and her parents. With training being the focus of her life, Nemo passed the tests with flying colors, and was invited to the Suicune Dorm.


    Species: Absol
    Nickname: Cassie
    Personality: Cassie has a warrior's heart, with an affinity for honor, no matter the cost. She's extremely loyal to Nemo, for defeating her in single combat and all of the affection shown over their two years together. She prefers to remain quiet and composed most of the time, but loves to spend time listening to people's troubles.
    Lvl: 25
    Swords Dance
    Sucker Punch
    Psycho Cut
    Night Slash

    Species: Kirlia
    Nickname: Ezra
    Personality: Ezra is a shy Kirlia, who prefers to stay around Nemo's feet than to explore. She treats other Pokemon tenderly, but will only communicate with humans if they smell nice, or have something sweet to eat.

    Lvl: 25
    Calm Mind
    Focus Blast
    Signal Beam
    Shadow Ball

    Species: Hariyama
    Nickname: Berth
    Personality: Berth is generally a calm Pokemon, who has a surprising intelligence for one most would see as a brute. He likes to size up challenges well in advance, but has a habit of underestimating Normal Pokemon.

    Lvl: 25
    Force Palm
    Sleep Talk