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The ★ Frozen ★ Cave

Welcome to the Frozen Cave, the place for ice pokemon lovers.
Here we’ll discuss ice types and anything concerning them. Make yourself at home and grab an Ice Cream cone, Ice pokemons are delicious
Be active – there’s snow way out once you’re in.


All PC rules apply, and respect everyone.
Also make sure to keep updated on the Pokémon Clubs Rules!
Zero tolerance for flaming/trolling/baiting.
Any member here is more than welcome to start a topic. However, don’t start a new topic if the current one hasn’t died down for more than 1 day.
Be active and have fun!


Name :
2 Partner Pokemon :
Why: Any reason why you want to join?
Answer the current topic!

Partner Pokemon


° Avishka
° Galoria
° Icy Burn
° CourageHound
° Iloveeevee
° Pave Low
° Hikari10
° Fuyuki~
° AlexOzzyCake
° 27thColt
° Seraphimon-sama
° Oshamaru
° Aisu
° Cirno
° IcicleBunny
° Fantasy IV
° IcicleBunny
° pokemanmdj
° Shayminlover123
° synerjee
° Boilurn


° Which is your favorite Ice Type Pokemon and why?
° Which Ice-type pokemon do you like the least and why??
° How would you buff ice types in general to improve in battle?
° Since hail teams are not so used in OU, what do you think about hail teams? What kind of updates should they make to make it competitive?

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Feel free to make some!~ <3

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