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Hey folks, sorry for the delay. Glad to see there's interest as we wait patiently for Book 2. o/

@synerjee: Welcome to the club. :D If only we could take a sightseeing tour throughout the avatar world. There's so many beautiful locations and fun animal hybrids. :3

@Mononoke Hime: Welcome! I had to look up what first city you're referring to, but I agree, it is a peaceful place surrounded by mountains and waterfalls. It would be an honor to see the dragons too.

@Pinkish Purple: Thank you kindly for joining and welcome. I think we all pretty much want a round-trip vacation, gah! I like how ATLA focuses on traveling around the world while LOK focuses mostly on just Republic City. Both concepts have their merits, but no adventure is complete without taking a buddy along.

Here's a new topic then:
If you could meet any ATLA/LOK character, who would it be and why?