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    Farfetch'd, which I conceptualise as a traditional swordsperson. My 'character interpretation' of it is similar to the official one of Monster Hunter's Yian Garuga, which is known as something to the effect of 'lone wolf wyvern', though it's more gastornis-esque, and is (or was) one of the more challenging monsters to hunt. Farfetch'd is ultimately a joke character, originally having been offered in a trade at a level which one wouldn't be able to control it, as well as having poor base stats ranging from 55 to 65, but that can make it quite interesting to work with.

    I'm also fond of Archeops and Jolteon, the latter of which I have been keen on since Pokemon was around in the West.

    As far as interesting concepts go, I actually like the basis for Mawile and Froslass the most; might make a yōkai-themed team sometime.

    Originally Posted by Sassy Milkshake View Post
    What's wrong with trees? My favorite Pokemon is Tropius because it is a tree lol. Well sort of. A flying tree too. The typing really seals the deal.
    So you have a Flying-type which trades neutrality to Electric for a double weakness to Ice. Fair enough, but Grass adds additional weaknesses to Fire and Poison, and a redundant resistance to Ground, making the typing quite difficult to work with since Tropius is defensively-inclined. That doesn't stop Tropius from being cool, but with regard to practicality Cradily is superior, and it's a sea lilly!