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Ragnaros 'Bloodthirster' Phylax

Bloodthirster liked many things in life. Flying in the open sky, eating and generally obliterating stuff. But one thing he didn't like was, mind games and lots of thinking. The recent findings of the Gold Tribe inside the ancient library hadn't exactly blown his mind, merely because he was unable to understand them. Dark One? Magical Crystals? It sounded like utter gibberish to him. He was swimming in thoughts, sometimes suspicious that all this was a prank. He thought this was war, and that Auron simply attacked Valkaria because he wanted to conquer it. Blood, war and such, the Silver Tribe strove to be above all... but this was different, oh very different. The hard facts had changed. From the documents they had obtained, it was clear that Auron had reasons, other than domination, to invade Valkaria. And what of that guy, Noctus Gamble? His relation to the old General Galleon Gamble was baffling - how could he not realize?

Throughout hours that he spent thinking, considering his position in all this, he concluded that there was still not a striking reason to keep fighting for the Gold Tribe. Disregard his oath; Ragnaros did not believe in words, only actions. Both sides of the conflict were the same. War, battlefields. What was all this nonsense talk about honor, loyalty and idealism, when there was raw violence in the middle of the conflict? What did it matter if Auron did as he pleased, or if Vigil and the others survived? From his point of view, literally, all it mattered was that he was alive and happy. And he wasn't happy. He was disgusted to realize this, appalled that somebody like him, who was into the 'raw violence' could be so put off by the reasons behind it.

Then again, if he left, where would he go? The Silver Tribe was the same, only worse. They were boring bunch - the Ancients did most of the job, while those pesky Sentinels shouted orders and only finished the leftovers of the fight. Genevieve was the only interesting factor in the whole hypothesis. Her schemes intrigued him; it'd be fun to work alongside her. She knew better than most of the Pokemon he had ever met, in fact.

With the remembrance of Genevieve, his body stiffened, thinking what he was thinking of doing was either too easy, or too hard to pull off. Those Sentinels had their minds set on the destruction of the Gold Tribe, and if he even remotely helped Genevieve, he would have to face them, and that would result in a bloodbath. But of course, he would never let it come to that extent... he strove for their protection, anyway. What his mentor and step father, Phylax, had said about his name arose in the surface of his mind. Phylax, Ragnaros... Phylax means Protector, did you know? You and me are guardians, boy. But that was just a name. It'd be pathetic to let a name - a mere word - influence his actions, let alone taking it to his head and start thinking he could protect the people he sworn an oath to - another simple sequence of words - from the mighty armies of the Ancients the Silver Tribe was commanding, not to mention their Sentinels.

Whatever was the case, he was itching to battle again, especially with Sovereign. It was a pity they met when Genevieve was around - now he hadn't quenched his thirty for battle. Rocks around the hole he was sleeping in the last few days had been scratched, burnt and broken by the ferocious slashes he occasionally launched at them to keep himself in shape. It was stupid, wasting his powers on rocks, but he would rather do that than attack citizens. The prey on the sky wasn't sufficing, anyway.

He inhaled, glancing at the sky to see smoke above the Thieves Forest. It seemed as if something was burning; the thought excited the dragon, who thought that Roswell would get what he deserved after his betrayal. Serves him right. He walked up next to Vigil and Sword and Shield who were standing side by side; he exhaled a small amount of steam in a gesture of disturbance mixed with accomplishment.

"I don't know what you're thinking, but if I was to go over there, it'd have been for finishing the job," he said bluntly. "But if Gamble ain't around, he oughta be in the forest."