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    Originally Posted by OrangeNess View Post
    NickNames- Orange
    Time Z one- Pacific
    Hacking Skills- Mapper, Comical Writer
    Contact information(preferably msn): PM/VM
    Proof of works(Optional): None, but will post if needed.
    Past Projects(Optional): None
    I would very much like to see some proof of mapping due to the fact that a few different people are signed up for that position. Thanks!

    Originally Posted by KirakonGxi View Post
    NickNames- KiraKonGxi you can call me Kiddi
    Time Z one- Singapore
    Hacking Skills- tiles Insert And Edit , Sprites Edit , Banner Maker
    Contact information(preferably msn):- This Forum , [email protected]
    Proof of works(Optional):-Scroll Down
    Past Projects(Optional):- Not Past But Current Project Scroll Down too

    Proof ----------------------------------|

    Here My Current Project

    Banner Maker Proof

    Tiles Edit

    Tiles Inserter Proof
    I love your banner skills. I saw in the threads you were on Team Fireblast now, but if you can make a banner that would work!

    Originally Posted by The Blueprint View Post
    NickNames- Blue
    Time Z one- GMT
    Hacking Skills- Mapping, Battle and OW sprites, tile editing, scripting
    Contact information(preferably msn):- [email protected] - linked to MSN
    Proof of works(Optional):- It's been a long time, I'd like to get back into hacking, so at present I don't have any handy. You may find some samples if you look through my created threads.
    Past Projects(Optional):- Had a decent original idea a while back that never took off.
    I like you. Welcome to the team! We already have an OW spriter but We could use a battle spriter. I'd like to see prove of your mapping. If I like it, you've got the job. The same goes for Tile editing. As for being a scripter, We could always use them! :D
    I will add you on MSN Monday when I get my computer back from the repair shop!
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