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I must join!
I am fond of the anime but stopped watching it when 5d's made everything a little bit unnecessarily complicated
My favorite trap card would be Skull Lair... just because.
I remember when my brother introduced me into the TCG... He first lended me one of the two copies of the Starter Deck Joey that he had... I always lost against his always changing and constantly improved deck -.-

He then lended me his Stucture Deck: Zombie Madness which I lost... Yes, I regret that as much as you think I do...

Then I finally began my own collection of cards, and after a couple of months, I finally won against him for the very first time with a deck based on Bokoichi and several machine-type monsters :D

And so I built this Deck which I'm using as of now... It's not exactly the greatest Deck in the world, and it certainly has several flaws, but it's still the best Deck I've built to this very day... Any suggestions on what I should add/remove?

Normal Monsters
Summoned Skull
Luster Dragon
Luster Dragon #2
Big Koala
Blazing Inpachi
Charcoal Inpachi
Giant Soldier of Stone
Twin-Headed Fire Dragon
Earthbound Spirit
Mad Dog of Darkness
Judge Man

Effect Monsters
Swarm of Scarabs
Penguin Soldier
Magical Scientist
Despair from the Dark
Hysteric Fairy
Manu Garzett
Gearfried the Iron Knight
Jirai Gumo
Mask of Darkness
Sand Moth
Princess of Tsurugi
The Rock Spirit
Sonic Bird

Extra Deck
Cyber Saurus
Flame Swordsman
Roaring Ocean Snake

Spell Cards
Stop Defense
Eternal Rest
Abyssal Designator
Soul Absorption
Black Illusion Ritual
Miracle Dig
Monster Reborn
Block Attack
Ballista of Rampart Smashing
Convulsion of Nature
Chaos End
Axe of Despair

Trap Cards
Spellbinding Circle
Fairy's Hand Mirror
Energy Drain
Shadow of Eyes
Enchanted Javelin
Needle Ceiling
Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell
Skull Lair
Arsenal Robber
Tower of Babel
Castle Walls
Bad Reaction to Simochi
A Hero Emerges
Fiend's Hand Mirror

Sorry if it seems terrible... My collection is not that big yet...

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