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Originally Posted by Shiny Celebi View Post
Im not personally comfortable with animals being used for human entertainment. The animals wouldnt naturally do these things and in some cases it can be dangerous for the animal( in horse racing, horses can break their legs and stuff) I just think it's wrong to put wild animals in a cage and force them to perform tricks, it just seems wrong to me, they can't decide for themselves, I dont think they should be forced, they dont even understand what they are doing and why, that's why I think it's wrong. I think animal sports are kind of disturbing actually.
I agree that animal sports are wrong, but only if the animal is being forced to take steroids or is being abused.

When you stated that dogs don't "naturally" do these things, that's actually not entirely true.
Dogs were bred by humans, for humans, to be truthful. Almost none of the dogs we have today are direct descendants of their ancestors, the wolf. That's because humans took them and started the process of breeding them for special needs. If one dog was bred with another because they were agile, then you'll most likely get an agile pup. That was how it worked. If a dog like a Labrador is doing jumps through hoops at heights that we can't jump through, it's probably because that dog was a product of years of selective breeding. This is also why lots of dogs, for instance, dalmatians, who were bred with other dogs to get the coat, which were bred with other dogs to get the build, which were then INbred to get a perfect dog happen to have genetic diseases. Dalmatians have high chances of being deaf now, because we've bred them together for so long with the other dogs with the problems.

What I'm saying is, dogs were practically FITTED to the human being by the human being and aren't really "natural" at all.

As for the sports, I don't really care much at all. I think it's stupid in the first place and I surely don't get entertainment out of seeing something jump through a hoop. But I think it is fine if someone else enjoys that. I mean, I guess it's nice if the trainer is proud of his dog and they love each other, but I dislike the use of steroids and inbreeding, ect ect.

Other animals, like elephants and tigers.. Well, as long as they are treated well and aren't abused as most are.
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