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    CHROME: I don't think I would make that good of a trainer Professor Nemo.

    PROF.: That's too bad, because Pichu thinks you'll make a great trainer.

    Chrome attention turned to the Pichu that rested on his shoulder. He hadn't willingly received his first Pokémon and didn't really have any desire to be a trainer. He also doubted that he would be a good enough trainer compared to the ones on television that competed against the Elite Four. And then there was the Elite Four themselves. No one ever beat them on TV. If that was the goal of all trainers, would he end up wasting years of his life trying to accomplish that goal? He didn't think that would be too productive. As more time passed, Chrome's doubt increased.

    Standing in Prof. Nemo's lab, he was set to put Pichu down and go back to his dormant life inside his room.

    Suddenly, he felt a jolt of electricity go down his spine. He turned to Pichu to see an angered face.

    PROF.: It seems Pichu can read your emotions by your body's electrical current as well. There's no letting him down.

    CHROME: I was afraid you would say that.

    Chrome gave Pichu a reaffirming smile. Pichu's scowl vanished and his happiness returned.

    Just then, Prof. Nemo unplugged a device from the computer that she was using and walked over to Chrome.

    PROF.: Don't worry. I'm sure you'll do fine. You have a natural affinity when it comes to caring for a Pokémon. [hands Chrome device] This is your Pokedex. It will give you information about any Pokémon you encounter. It also carries a number of features I implemented myself. It's really handy.

    CHROME: Not that I don't appreciate it, but why are you giving this to me?

    PROF.: It's my job as professor. Besides, from what I saw earlier, you don't know too much about Pokémon anyway. You need this. Also, you'll need these.

    Prof. Nemo reached in a box and pulled out an armful of pokeballs.

    CHROME: How am I supposed to carry all of those around?

    PROF.: On your belt. Don't worry, they get smaller.

    CHROME: Woah, that's pretty cool.

    PROF.: Yeah. Even if you couldn't carry them on your belt, you could still carry them in your bag.

    Chrome then remembered that he was without his bag. He got straight out of bed and into this situation. He normally carried it around whenever he went into the nearest city to shop. Seemed appropriate that he would carry it to the city for a different purpose. He thanked Prof. Nemo and promptly headed home to grab his bag.

    Mom was in the kitchen, apparently washing dishes. He never understood why she did that when they had a dishwasher. As he opened up his closet, he noticed a new pair of shoes next to his backpack. His mom soon made their purpose apparent.

    MOM: They're running shoes. They help you move a lot faster. Shelia and I saw them and thought they would match quite nicely with your silver vest and cap.

    CHROME:[hesitantly] Thanks, mom.

    MOM: I'm just glad you'll be getting out of the house, sweetie. I hated seeing you so down from Faust leaving.

    Those words sealed the deal for Chrome. The last thing he would ever want to do is make his mother sad. As he looked at her, she was shining. She was so proud of this moment. How would she take it if he said he was reluctant? He would rather not find out as he put on a fake smile and left the house.

    As he walked out into the open air, Melancholy blocked his path. Earlier in the day, she had been wearing a simple dress. Now, she wore a red jacket and a skull cap that only covered half her hair. She seemed to be filled with excitement as she walked to him.

    MELANCHOLY: Chroooooooooome! Are you leaving?

    CHROME: That's what it seems like.

    MELANCHOLY: Well, how about a quick Pokémon battle before you go?

    CHROME: Pokémon battle?

    MELANCHOLY: Don't tell me you don't know what that is either?

    CHROME: No, I'm pretty aware, I just didn't know you had a Pokémon.

    MELANCHOLY: Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you. I picked my Pokémon shortly after you passed out from shock. [releases her Pokémon] He's an Oshawott, but I named him Izzy. By the way, what did you name your Pokémon?

    CHROME: Uh . . . his name is Pichu.

    MELANCHOLY: . . . So you didn't name him?

    CHROME: Don't see the point in it.

    MELANCHOLY: Well, at least you're out the house.

    CHROME:[thinks for a moment] Hey, if you have a Pokémon, does that mean you're travelling to?

    MELANCHOLY: Yep. I'm becoming a Pokémon Master. I'm going to do it all. Contests, gyms and collecting. I'll be the best.

    Chrome was reminded of Faust again. At least this time, he would be travelling too.

    CHROME: Fine, let's have a battle then. [looks to his shoulder] Are you up for it, Pichu?

    Pichu jumped from Chrome's shoulder gleefully. It hadn't battled since being captured and it was itching for a fight. Chrome was a bit intimidated by how scrappy his Pichu had become. Melancholy’s Oshawott was prepared to fight as well.

    MELANCHOLY: Okay, Oshawott! Use-

    CHROME: Pichu, Thundershock!

    Pichu shocked Oshawott with the fierce power of pure lightning. It was only a moment long, but the battle already ended. Oshawott fainted. Melancholy stood in pure confusion at how fast the match ended.

    MELANCHOLY: Wait, what?

    CHROME: I think I won . . .

    MELANCHOLY: How? So fast!

    CHROME: Well, isn't it common sense that water conducts electricity? So, a water-type would lose immediately to electricity.

    MELANCHOLY: Shut up! I know common sense!

    CHROME: [thinking] It really doesn't seem that way . . .

    MELANCHOLY: Well, it looks like I've got to stay behind a little longer and rest Izzy. [returns her Pokémon]

    Melancholy’s excitement disappeared soon after. It was replaced with a type of sadness.

    MELANCHOLY: We should trade items.

    CHROME: What do you mean?

    MELANCHOLY: You know, so we'll have something to remember each other by while we're apart. I'll start.

    Melancholy took off her bag and reached in deep. She pulled out a set of red fingerless gloves.

    MELANCHOLY: Here. They're my favorite pair. Though, I doubt I'll ever actually wear them, so you can.

    It didn't quite match with his scheme, but he wasn't going to let Melancholy down. He put them on and smiled. It was a touching enough moment, until he realized it was his turn.

    Chrome didn't have anything in his bag except a spare set of clothes and the pokeballs he just received. As he rummaged through it, trying to find something practical to give Melancholy, he spotted a silver wristband. For a moment, he started to think he had an obsession with the color. Then, he remembered that it was a gift from Faust before he left to start his journey. He used to wear it a lot, but now, he barely saw it. So, he decided it would do.

    Chrome handed her the wristband with hopes that she wouldn't attack him for such a crummy gift.

    MELANCHOLY: A wristband? That's an accessory I haven't tried out. I'll make it work.

    Melancholy smiled back at Chrome, he blushed a little bit. Soon after, Melancholy would go back home to rest her Pokémon. Chrome found himself at the entrance of Route 601.

    This is where the journey begins . . .
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