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Member of the Year: General Pokemon Gaming Discussions

Welcome to the Forum-Specific portion of Member of the Year. To submit your votes just reply to this thread and they will be counted up at the end of the year, and announced with the rest of Member of the Year.


- You can vote up to five people per question.
- You have to vote in at least two of the questions here for your vote to be counted.
- You can vote for one person up to three times in the ballot.
- Do not vote for yourself.


Most Helpful for Metal/Color Gen: Member who is knowledgeable and helpful with Gen I and II
Most Helpful for Advanced Gen: Member who is strong in the Gen III force
Most Helpful for Spin Offs: insane Member who is wise with Spin Offs
Generally Helpful: Member who is helpful in all aspects of Pokemon gaming
Most Hardcore for RSE Remake: Member who is fighting the debaters to the death for an RSE remake
Most Interesting Topics: Member whose topics make you prod your brain
Most Interesting Posts: Member whose posts you click the Furret for

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