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    Hello people of PC i'm BroskiRage i'm new to PC and i wanted to make this shop for making fusion
    and trainer sprites

    2 request a day
    3 or 4 if your VIP
    comment nice or don't comment at all
    please give me your opinion on how i did it for you
    if its your b-day you get 3 request - don't lie please
    please be kind...

    here is some of my work


    I also will start doing fusions but i have to get a little better at that but
    i do trainer fusions like these pics in the spoiler above

    if you want one of those you need to comment this request form

    Based of:
    fuse with:
    what body parts:


    based of: lass
    fuse with: beauty
    what body parts: left arm from lass right arm and legs from beauty
    extra: take your time

    im a beginner so expect a lot and please dont comment mean stuff



    the only way to be VIP is to request a lot

    i will use images you give me but mostly i extract pics from ROMs

    here is a support bar