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Bug - Ever since I saw it's design, I was completely mesmerized. I use it sometimes in Contests in R/S/E...
Dark - Weavile is unique. There is something mysterious about it. I just don't know... :/
Dragon - Altaria is majestic and beautiful. And by far has the coolest design imo.
Electric - These two have captured my heart. It's designs are cute and lovely. =3
Fighting - Virizion looks cool imo. And it is also a Grass Type... 'nuff said.
Fire - Blaziken proves to be useful. I actually choose it in picking starters.
Flying - Idk why but I think it is because they replenish the lands with flowers? Meh...
Ghost - Shedinja is too mysterious... and I like it... Somehow creepy... :/
Grass - My most favorite Pokemon of all, Bellossom is the most cutest one imo... I never get tired of it tbh...
Ground - A tough one... Nincada comes out on top since it is the only one who stood out for me...
Ice - Glaceon is the coolest (no pun intended) Ice Pokemon I've ever seen... I just fell in love with it...
Normal - Cinccino has a cute and majestic style to it... And it is soo cute <3
Posion - The counterpart to Bellossom, this was the obvious choice... Other Poison types don't interest me...
Psychic - Gardevoir since it is the most cooles out of the bunch...
Rock - Solrock stood out for me as it is technically a "Sun Stone".... :P
Steel - Awesomeness + Fighting Type + Steel Type + Pokemon = Lucario 'nuff said...
Water - Milotic is beautiful... And getting it is a big challenge. I love it.
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