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Ye gods, so many sign-ups!

I also see a lot of potential and reused forms. Welcome to the club~

Originally Posted by Avishka View Post
yay! first to join!!
my partner pokemon will be Garchomp and Charizard
btw if we can choose only one then it'll be Garchomp

I like Garchomp bcuz it looks awesome. Garchomp has less "bad" points, though. Ground Type makes him resistant to Stealth Rock, immune to Sandstorm, and get Earthquake STAB, all of which are epic things.Garachomp's evolutionary line's type combination is nearly unique, shared only with Flygon and one of its pre-evos.

My first Pokemon ever was Charmander in Pokemon Red all those years ago and Charizard was amazing back in Gen 1.Charizard is the original king of fire types! It's also more fun to use competitively. >:3 It's so badass and it can Fly.

I also love Deino. It looks so cute and adorable with the hair blocking its view. It then evolves into a killing machine that helps defeat the Elite.
First member edition!

Feel free to take up to... well, not too many of them, so I think I'll count them all in! Garchomp, Charizard, and Deino. Full disclosure: I want a Deino plushie.

Originally Posted by Pave Low View Post
I'll sign up. Partner Pokemon being Kingdra and Altaria.
Kingdra has always been such an amazing Pokemon in my eyes, and the water-dragon combination is just the cherry on the cake for me.
Altaria, loved it since...forever. I think the reason I like Altaria a lot is because I don't see a reason not to.

Dragon types have always been up there for me; regarded as one of the most powerful types throughout all the regions. I've seen quite a few people class Dragon-type Pokemon as overpowered (Magikarp is debatable in this case) and there are certain aspects of that which I agree to, but the reason I think that they are strong is because their only big weakness is..well...Dragon. Also because a lot of legendary Pokemon are Dragon-type but it would be weird if they weren't considering that Dragons' were known to be a superior specie before.
I blame Generation I and the lack of any real balance (and availability). I've always liked them in general starting from Generation III and Flygon.

Originally Posted by Icy Burn View Post
I'll join up, sure, why not? My partner Pokemon shall be Reshiram and Kyurem, to merge the amazing White Kyurem! I've loved it for almost a month now - that love shall never die - and now I enjoy using Dragon Types more and more now. I have the normal version of it and a Shiny version (traded on the GTS for a shiny Steelix) so that makes it even more cool then it already is! c:

I haven't done much Dragon breeding as of yet but I plan on doing so when I have reached Post-Game in Pokemon BW2 so I can actually say hi to the Day Care. A Dragon Pokemon Club is the best idea since chocolate, so that's why I'm signing up and saying hi.
I think I have too many Axew and Druddigon at this point. Not that it matters, since I love them. :3

Originally Posted by Galoria View Post
I would love to join this club!
Why? Dragons, since childhood I have been fascinated by these creatures. Awe-inspiring and appearance as guardian, I always introduces dragon aspects in my games RP or invented scenarios. They are simply beautiful, they inspire legends and virtue most of the time. That's why I admire this legendary race!

Since each generation I liked to have at least one dragon Pokémon in my party.
In the first generation it was Dragonite.
In the second generation it was Gyarados.
In the third one, it was Flygon, one of my favorite one with Altaria!
In the fourth, it was Giratina, but I never added it in my party. I liked its history and I liked to imagine so many scenarios about it!
In the fifth, it was Axew. A cute one :3 <3

To be honest I like them all.
But the negative thing is that in fact people use because they are "powerful." Personally I always use the cutest Pokemon and beautiful to beat all the trainers :3
For example I used Axew to beat the league, at least, it adds to the difficulty! Some think it's stupid, but it's a bit like Ash, who does not change his Pokémon. I like them how they're <3

If I had two choice my first choice would be:

The second one would be:

Altaria is so cute, there is nothing to say xD
Altaria is weak for many players, but I liked to use it to heal my party during the battles. Simply amazing <3

Charmander, yep, cute too.
It was my second starter that I chose during the first cartridges! I'm kinda nostalgic, and Charmander will stay my favorite starter during many Generations.
I find Flygon to be adorable round too for some reason. Can I have one? :3 Axew is that awesome little guy.

Originally Posted by CourageHound View Post
Name: CourageHound
Your Trainer: Pokemon Trainer N
2 Partner Pokemon:Salamence and Latios (if not two then just Salamence)
Why have you chosen to become a Dragon Tamer?: I chose to become a dragon trainer to embrace my fondness I have of my chosen dragons and to engage in interesting discussion with fellow members
Currrent Topic: My favorite dragon type is Salamence. He is predominately my favorite color, a very regal and powerful looking dragon. His design is awesome and his biology is very admirable. Sprouting wings through sheer will and determination automatically makes you awesome.
One can dream, right? I think I'd rather have a Haxorus more, but that's just me. *pets the Salamence anyway*

Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
Name: Hikari10
Your Trainer: Iris
2 Partner Pokemon: Hydreigon and Axew
Why have you chosen to become a Dragon Tamer?: I want to learn more about the strength and gracefulness that makes Dragons a must-have to train.

Currrent Topic: My favorite Dragon-type is Hydreigon, it has such a menacing design and a diverse movepool to boot. Mine was able to wreck a lot of things in her track. Also, I love the entire Deino line's color scheme. As for Legendaries, definitely Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyurem.
An Axew and a Hydreigon seems like an odd couple. Hmm...