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    Originally Posted by awipe1 View Post
    I made all my overworlds for this character (Replacing misty) and when I get her to walk, she stays in one position. She only stays in the 1st frame while she moves and looks around so it looks extremely bad. Anyone know why this is happening? I have all the frames finished (except for the last 2) but I should still see the other frames when she is moving around.
    Make sure the frames have different offsets. Misty, I believe, has frames that are all the same (I might be wrong, but I believe most of them are the same thing). You need to change the offsets in a hex editor to "delink" the frames so that each one can be different.

    Hey I know I just asked a question but I have been doing a lot of ROM hacking latelly and I really need help for this one.

    For most tutorials I need to have JPANS firered hack engine applied to my ROM, but I don't know how to do that. Pretty much what i'm asking is, how do I apply "Hacked Fire Red Engine V 1.1.ips" to my ROM? When I double click on it, it says what program would I like to open it with, what do I do at this point? I know this might be a stupid question but I feel like the instructions were not clear enough, that's why I am having trouble applying the engine to my ROM.
    You need to download either A-Patch from HackMew, or the one I use still is LIPS (which comes with Elite Map and such, you can get it from WAH). Then you open the programs and it'll ask you what IPS you want to use, and then what ROM to patch it to (or the other way tells you when you use it).
    Answers are in bold! Hopefully I helped.