Thread: Weekly Poll: Braviary vs Swanna (NU Matchup #4)
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    Braviary obviously. I mean, it's not even the stats; the stats are one thing, but the amazing movepool and versatility is just amazing. Going from a powerful CB set to a fast, scarfed set and to the defensive with a sneakily good SubBU set. It gets roost from the move tutors, STAB return, brave bird, and most importantly, superpower to smack walls like probopass and miltank. Damn, it's really amazing, not to mention it sits at an incredible speed tier of base 80. Seriously, one could argue that Braviary will get moved up to RU; it's that good.

    Swanna, on the other hand, is interesting. It is most notable for rain teams because of its ability to ohko ludicolo and amoonguss with brave bird and hurricane, respectively. But weather aren't that common in the lower tiers. Don't get me wrong, Swanna(and to a greater extent, weather) have great potential in NU, but much of NU is unexplored ATM.

    So Braviary is the superior bird. Oh, and happy late thanksgiving everyone :]
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