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    Originally Posted by redriders180 View Post
    I had a feeling it'd be a problem like seems that the patches are ignoring the expanded part, because all the problems people are having are with scripts in the expanded part being ignored...I dont know what to do about that, in all honesty, since my version of NUPS is handling it fine. I'm starting to wish I hadn't expanded it >_<
    Try beat then.

    beat should be the best patching utility up to date. It can create patches similar to both ips and ups files (yet I haven't tested it with a file larger than 16MB --> "ups patch") along with a lot else.

    It may not be the most newbie-friendly one out there but if one is gonna work, this ought to.

    Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
    It's tsukuYOmi (as one Japanese folktale god). It's the main UPS patcher that is used here on PC =)
    But since you added that it was patched with NUPS, I wonder why people used tsukuyomi... :D
    I wasn't planning to reply to you earlier but as I did write in the thread, why not...

    Anyway, it literally makes no difference whether you use tsukuyomi to patch an ups-file created with another ups patching utility such as NUPS. The format of the ups files created with both programs are exactly the same and that's why the programs are also called ups patching utilities. Some rom hackers who started developing patching utilities to support files bigger than 16MB planned the format of "ups files" and bang... most programs created later on have been following that same "pattern".
    Ips files have also their own "pattern" or code structure. Before Lunar IPS came out, I used to use a tool called SnesTool for ips patching myself (doing exactly the same thing Lunar IPS can do but in an "easier" way).
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