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Originally Posted by miltankRancher View Post
I totally forgot about you guys. I'm sorry.

Just kidding, I love you all guys! I just had some recent academic and extra-curricular problems [okay, i admit not some but MANY. too MANY] that I had to deal with first. I got my grades down, my heart broken my Poke-career on a downhill slope [since DS got broken, and emulator kept on crashing. Plus my copy of B2 was bogus, since it doesn't save.] and, to no surprise, I had little time to check on the site everyday.

However, by the end of the semester, I got back up. I managed to pull my grades to a really satisfying value, my single life to be very happy and free, [my Poke-career is still not going well, but that can wait]. And so, with the coming christmas break, I am announcing...


Yay! mR, your beloved Miltank and Crobat lover, is back! For those who can remember me [my friends in the clubs, and RP-corner, some friends in the trivia section and other discussion, those writers whom I loved in the FF&W] I missed you all! Tell me you miss me too! For those new members [I am sure there are some in my few months hiatus] hello! Welcome to PC!

Anyway, that's it. I need to catch up to things. prepare to see me again in the boards!

I'M BACK! [that feels good to say.]

Hi miltankRancher, do you remember who is making this post?

Yes, I'm that same Hikari10 you remember from way back... but I have a new look now, complete with a blue italicized name. That's right, I became a PC Supporter!

We have had some sections changed and new staff added during your absence.

Great to see you back and PC was never the same without you.

- Hikari10
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