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    Sorry for not replying sooner, wanted to get on a computer so I could quote easier but I was having trouble getting on a computer so I'm just replying from my trusty iPhone!
    Anyways, thank you everyone who congratulated me on Latias, it was very exciting but she's mine hopefully forever now!
    And to G-Money, I might have to take you up on that idea to get all the yellow shinies! Not yet because I want to get all my favourite shinies/Pokémon as shinies first, but I do find the yellow ones to be my personal idea of the most beautiful shinies. Shiny Azumarill is one I really want at some point!

    Anyways, 5 more Pokémon till I have my round charm, but 2 of those just had to be Thunderus and Landorus, ack! Then I'm going to MM 2 Snovers, 1 for my bf and the other for myself to keep! It will also count for the Serebii SH community hunt, any ice type shiny!
    Wish me luck!

    I also got the shiny Haxorus from Nature Preserve yesterday, not counting it in my sig but it does get to sit in my shiny box with Latias!
    Congrats on anyone who got a shiny in my absence since I got Latias, and good luck to those with current hunts!
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