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Stocking Stuffer Challenge

Welcome to another exciting and totally not rushed out Christmas event! What better way to end off your challenges for the year than by cramming this challenge into the mix! Let's cut the chat and get on to the important stuff then, shall we? In this challenge, you'll be stuffing your fellow challengers' stockings. Everyone will receive 3 presents and 3 pieces of coal, so everyone will be running a team of six. Anyone participating is free to assign the presents and coal to anyone that signs up. So let's move on to what there is to choose from.

Favorite non-legendary Pokemon
Pokemon who can learn your favorite move
Legendary with BST under 600
In-game trade Pokemon
Fossil Pokemon
Gift Pokemon
Shiny Pokemon

Least favorite non-legendary Pokemon
NFE Pokemon
Ugly Pokemon (up to your discretion)
Pokemon you must give no STAB moves to
Pokemon from evil team of your game with attacks that have 70 base damage or less
Pokemon that learns Smokescreen, Haze, or Smog and has to keep it

1. This is for all games!
2. If you are given something that you are not able to get within your game, just tell us and someone will change the one you're not able to get to a different Pokemon.
3. Please have your first party member by the second gym. If this isn't possible, you can ask for one of your slots to be switched so that you can obtain what you need within a timely manner.
4. HM slaves are allowed.
5. Remember not to assign teams unless you yourself are participating.

Sign up:
User: Sydian
Game: Sapphire

Sydian (Sapphire)
Aryan143 (White 2)
11wildy (Black 2)
GolurkIsDaBomb (FireRed)
jdthebud (Shiny Gold X)
Honeyman (LeafGreen)
rageahollic33 (Crystal/LeafGreen ?)
Luigi-san (Ruby)
WeightyWillBill (RS/White ?)
Buzz Buzz (Silver)
LaureTheLoner (SoulSilver)
chaoticlapras (HeartGold)
Spacely (HeartGold)
vaporeon7 (Red)
4g0ny (Red)
Turboblaze (White or something idk)
Cid (Emerald)
Tman109ner (Emerald)
Detwak (LeafGreen)
Iceman3317 (Black)
Bone (Diamond)
KoboraX (Pearl)
Stokey (Emerald)
Eeveelution Co-Ordinator (Diamond)
Reese Cake
-ty- (Black 2)
dragonomega (Emerald)
atie (Emerald)
Soar (Ruby)
Cirno (Emerald)
waters_echo (Crystal)
Element0 (FireRed)
Game_sloth (Emerald)
Toshrio. (Emerald)
tabor62 (Emerald)
TrollShammy80 (FireRed Omega)
Patch93 (HeartGold)
Checkers_Albino_Umbreon (Diamond)
Element0 (FireRed)
Stand Alone (White 2)
CobaltChrome (Ruby)
hopelessangelic (FireRed)
munchhack (SoulSilver)
Kotowari (Emerald)
WarriorCat (HGSS idk which)

Luigi-san (Emerald) - ♛
Turboblaze (White) - ♛
Derozio (Honorary) - ♛

Emblem will be given to people that update at least once.

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