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I didn't mean for you to pick the exact Pokemon we use though...just what it has to be. lol :( That's up to the player's discretion. My favorite isn't even Blaziken.

Have a gift, something with your fave move, an in-game trade, ugly Pokemon, Pokemon you can't give STAB to, and an NFE.

Edit: I remembered my Sapphire is free so I'll go with that instead of Ruby I think. So I'll have Cradily, Altaria (AWWW YEAAAH), Umbreon, Pikachu, Lombre, and hell, I'll keep the Weezing. Weezing is kinda cool.

Speaking of Umbreon, my battery in Sapphire is dead. If I set the clock to night time, will it be stuck on that? I'm pretty sure it's stuck wherever it stopped working, but I'm not totally sure of that. Either way, I can just evolve it in Emerald since my battery is fine there.

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