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    Yeah none of them ever call for a rematch or event some times the rematch icon my appear near a trainers name but nothing happens if you try to battle them again.
    The only calls you get so far are the 4 from elm (stolen pokemon,egg,team rocket and master ball) and 1 from mom if you dont take the running shoes.

    Anyway i tried one of your latest patches and liked the bug fixes and the changes like the new music and the ability to use the bike in gatehouses thank you for that.

    In my playthrough however i found 2 new bugs:

    1. Weird letter in the Dialogue with 1 of the WISE TRIO Members who dont let you to go to the Tin Tower after you get the Badge from the Ecruteaks Gym
    Sorry i dont have a pic because theres no option to take a screenshot with My Boy! Emu
    2. This is a weird one, something is wrong with the Pokedex my starter wasnt registered and some pokemon that i saw wasnt either, when my cyndaquil evolved the quilava was registered and the pokemon from the odd egg was registeted too.
    I was near in the end of the game and my pokedex only had like 10 pokemon registered as seen and 2 as catched...
    And the pokemon data always changes after a while other pokemon get registeted as seen and other just dissapear idk what could be wrong all my emu settings are fine so i think something is wrong with the hack i never had this kind of bug with the older versions

    And the Sunday bug is back again even on My Boy! emu, Its again Wednesday instead of Sunday and some of the npcs who give you items on different days of the week dont appear idk whats wrong with the Android Emus

    Edit: Heres the dialogue with the weird letter:
    We, the WISE TRIO, are the protectors of the legendery POKeMON.

    Btw @mikethepokemaster i didnt got the bug you was talking about it must have been caused by cheats like Diego said n you could try VBA-M its better

    Edit 2: The Pokedex bug appears on Gameboid aswell can anyone check if this happens with VBA-M
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