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    Hanso SharpEye

    As he waited for Genevieve to let him know where the exact location was - he usually needed a clear location or image to teleport to - Hanso strode through the city, locating a bag for supplies. The destruction of Albia added to his thoughts as he dropped Penance's emblem in the bag; after some consideration, Hanso pulled his own emblem off his arm and stared at it before, reluctantly, dropping it in the bag as well. His thoughts were whirling; one was him wondering what idea Genevieve might get if she saw him without his emblem.

    As Hanso left the half-gone house to look for supplies, he got a message from Penance. As the Golduck let him know his location as well as where the letter would be, Hanso's eyes widened a little. I am leaving now, find my note for an explanation. Oh! Remember, train with that white room!

    "Are you seriously--" Hanso stopped the thought, though it had already gone through. Penance didn't seem to be one of those Pokemon who were unsure of their decisions. If he was leaving, he was leaving. Instead, Hanso relayed to the Golduck, "As long as it isn't outright foolish, Penance." He waited a few moments, then teleported to the location Penance had shown him. The Golduck was nowhere to be seen, but the letter he'd promised was on the ground. Hanso kneeled down and picked it up, reading the words.

    Dear Gold Tribe,

    I am sorry to do this, but I must head to Cape City immediately. I know of some people there that can help us in this dire hour. You all cannot come, that is the way this must be. I need to prepare for your arrival and all, so just trust me in this. I ask that you all keep an open mind about what happens there, that is all I can ask. You won't be able to find me on your own, trust me with that. There will be a pokemon there who knows all about Cape City. Find him or those associated with him and you'll find me quite easily. I am very.... connected with him. Anyway, I wish you all good luck on your journey.


    Not too much of a surprise, really, Hanso thought to himself, standing back up. Penance hadn't told them everything before, after all. Not about his bracelet, probably not about his 'fits', apparently not about his past. It made Hanso wonder about his own...plans. After a moment of consideration, he folded up the letter - he'd show it to the others when they met up - and slipped it under his bracer, taking out his copy of the Albia sewers map and dropping it in his bag. There was nothing to indicate that Noctus wasn't the spy; the fact that he'd helped them now seemed like an attempt to gain their trust for his purposes. Where, when, are we gonna find him?

    Hanso spent a little more time, the remainder of the first hour, gathering food and other supplies for the next week, and eating some food himself. In time, he'd sensed a beacon of psychic energy coming from afar - near the eastern side of the Korhal Mountains. Hanso hid his pack, with everything except his bracer in it, in an abandoned house before checking the street outside with his mind. Few Pokemon were out there. He expected none of them to see him leave.

    Hanso checked his mental shields, trying again to incorporate the white room into them. This is gonna be dangerous... After checking one more time, the Gallade concentrated his power and disappeared.


    His first impression of the area: peaceful. Hanso had appeared a few paces away from a mountain stream; the place didn't feel too cold, so they weren't too far up in the mountains. He turned slowly to take in his surroundings, noting the Gardevoir and her position on a rock, across the stream from him. A quick mental scan of the area showed no other minds; the two of them were alone. Unless a resident happens along, or something. Hanso studied Genevieve from where he stood, not moving after folding his arms.

    To all appearances, the Gardevoir's mind had left her body sitting on the rock...which it probably had, in the sense that Genevieve's mind had gone to a world that only psychics knew. The sight brought back memories of Hanso watching his own twin sitting in a similar fashion. She, and other psychics he had met, had told him of such a world. One purpose of it, according to some psychics, was as a state of meditation. Hanso's eyes began to unfocus as he continued to peruse his memories. At other times, before the Silver Tribe's invasion, the twins had been called in a few times to help bring back some rookie psychic, or someone else, from being lost in that world.

    Hanso's eyes snapped back into focus. He was here, in the mountains with a Sentinel, for a reason, not to relive old memories. He tried to clear out some of the images in his white room, checked his other mental shields, then turned his attention back to Genevieve. It was tempting, really, to ignore everything but the overall conflict and strike down the Sentinel. Yet, that was almost the equivalent of striking down a defenseless target. Almost, since the Gardevoir would probably be able to defend herself in time, and that would render the whole meeting meaningless.

    Hanso sat down on the ground, eyes closed, white room filled with thoughts of how this whole crazy idea wouldn't work, he might go too far, he might fail and die, he might... This time, when he shoved the images out, some of them weren't replaced. A few less images. That's good. It had been a while since he'd done this... Hanso focused his own psychic energy into placing sensors through the area, as an extra measure to know if another creature came along. He then followed the 'trail' left by Genevieve's mind; his ability to do this was rusty, but it still worked. Within moments, he'd found her location in the other world. "One of the few places that hasn't been ravaged by war," Hanso commented. "Let's keep it that way."