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Originally Posted by wilso View Post
Username: wilso
Game: crystal
Time: Jurassic
Team: feraligatr, magmar, sunflora, nidoqueen, nidoking, farfetch'd(it kinda looks like a dodo bird :3)
*got crystal the totodile and beat gandalf (rival)
*crystal soloed the first gym
pics :3

So you're doing Crystal as well? I might just have some competition here...

Originally Posted by 11wildy View Post
Alright, I've decided that I WILL use the Slateport Market, but not the league shop, since they have an official shop keeper thingy. Now grinding for Norman, which should be actually possible since Anorith learned PROTECT OMGGGGG
I wish there was some sort of market in 2nd Gen...

Starting this update off with a evolution.

It's not a mart, so this shouldn't be against the rules...

Another evolution.

Fighting Bugsy.

He was a breeze.

Also, Ham is here to battle!

That was from Quilava alone...

Team update!

Eli the Bayleef

Lady the Ledian

Rough the Growlithe (note: never bought the charcoal. Did the Farfetch'd quest before update)

And Poison the Ekans (one more level!)

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