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    I must make up with NaNo by make-up reviewing. She hasn't talked to me since yesterday.

    Name: psyanic
    Best Way to Contact: Shoot me a VM/PM, just not directly at me, or I might bleed to death. I'd hate to write reviews in a hospital bed.
    Review Style: I'll just go with I like nitpicking first then go really broad towards the end. I'd like to say I'm comprehensive in most of my reviews, but I also go on about how I think about the story itself that's not entirely a review but more of an opinion as in, "I didn't like this story, because I freaking hate talking lamps." That's a very extreme example, though. Basically, I like to look at whatever seems to need some improvement or at least I think needs some improvement.
    Reviews: Give me ten hours and I'll give you three horses and a review. Maybe.
    1. Story of Benki
    2. Scars and Cuts
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