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    Emma VanBoven
    (Route 101)
    Emma and Roller walk to Route 101. "Alright," says Emma,"this next step brings us to the beginning to our journey. Are you ready to start?"
    "Phan! Phan!" says Roller.
    "Then let's do it!" Emma says as she walks past the sign. "So, what do you wanna do now, Roller? Battle, eat, sleep? I'm at a loss as for what to do."
    "Phan, phan phanpy phan. Phan?" says Roller, pointing to the grass in front of them.
    "So, you wanna train?" asks Emma,"Then let's train!" The two walk into the grass, only to be attacked by a Poochyena. "A Poochyena? Alright then. Roller, use Mud Slap!" Roller throws some mud at the opponent, and misses. The Poochyena then attacks with Bite, and hits the poor guy. "Oh no! Roller, in retaliation, use Rock Slide!" Phanpy throws rocks at the Poochyena, and it lands the blow. The Poochyena then tries to Tackle Roller, and pins the Phanpy down. On instinct, Roller Mud Slaps the Poochyena and causes it to faint. "Good job Roller! You were awesome out there. Now then, let's push on to Odale," says Emma. They then continue on their way to Odale Town.
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