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    Chapter 12 – Alpha and Omega – Part 2

    Argonaut HQ...

    Ditto, Mazda, and Machamp entered into a dimly lit room, a large circular table with a puppy-sized hologram of Poliwrath and Blissey upon it in the middle. Infernape and Sceptile were nearby the table, with Pidgeot, Alakazam, and Zangoose sat at another table off to the side, not looking especially happy to even be in the room.

    "What's going on?" Mazda sighed, heading over to the round table, the rest of the team following suit.

    "Nothing," A voice came from the table, "I just wanted to gather you all here and award you all cyber cake for your efforts in fighting for this vital planet. Without it in my hands, Earth and her colonies people would all be in shackles."

    "Obvious lie. Why are we here Alpha?" Poliwrath demanded.

    A third hologram appeared on the table; a Meowth in some sort of formal gown. He had a broken coin on the top of his forehead and four of his six whiskers had been cut off. And most importantly, he was talking.

    He was Supreme Commander Alpha, a respected politic amoung the humans, military genius and commands the humans, and hates the Argonauts. He also had power over the human military though, and by extension, partial power over the Argonauts.

    Alpha stared at the Poliwrath hologram, arms behind his desk; two guards in formal red gowns and armed with spears on either side of him. "I see you have doubts about me," He growled, setting his elbows on his desk and crossing his hands in front of his mouth, "This is why I never liked you Poliwrath, or your team of psychotic mutts."

    "Did he just call us psychotic mutts?" Ditto asked, glancing around at the others.

    "When was the last time he called us that?" Added Machamp.

    "After the Alliance?" Answered Pidgeot, thinking back.

    "But we were psychotic mutts back then though..." Infernape put in.

    Ditto smiled and nodded his head, "Ah, good times."

    Alpha sneered, giving every single Loyal in the room an evil glare; "You're all also rude and hilariously and outrageously dim-witted. How dare you talk over the top of a superiority that could end your life in seconds?"

    "Did you fart, Sceptile?" Ditto asked innocently, while Sceptile smirked.

    "No, why do you ask?"

    "Cause I thought I heard an old dusty-crusty fart," Ditto replied, fist-bumping Machamp while the others snickered.

    Poliwrath man-giggled slightly, crossing his arms and looking right at Alpha; "I don't see the problem or reason."

    "I don't like the tone of your voice, Commander," Alpha growled out.

    Having had enough now, Poliwrath decided to just get to the point, "Just tell us the reason we're here," He growled back.

    "He's going to give us sh*t..." Ditto whispered to Machamp and Pidgeot.

    Sure enough; "I'm going to give you sh*t!" Alpha stated proudly, chin held high.

    "You banked it," Pidgeot whispered back.

    "Your team is doing a horrible job of keeping this planet in my hands," Alpha began to lecture, "And you will be facing punishment for it-"

    "Alpha shut the f*ck up!" Blissey snapped, her hologram then vanishing.

    "Excuse me!?"

    "You heard the lady, shut the f*ck up," Infernape growled, joining in the argument, Sceptile backing him up and narrowing his eyes at Alpha.

    "Our team is doing all we can as of now, we almost lost one of our own."


    "Wow. Okay you f*cker, I have a thick line between personal and team, and you crossed into the personal line" Mazda snapped, slamming a fist down on the table and causing the holograms to flicker.

    "And your point is?"

    "What Blissey said," Alakazam retorted angrily, "Shut that useless contraption you call a mouth. You just sit there giving us 'hilariously and outrageously dim-witted' orders, while we're the ones digging our hands in the manure, shooting ourselves in the foot, and tossing ourselves under buses for others."

    He then stalked off to another table away from the others and pulled out his tablet, focusing his attention on that instead while the others continued on.

    "Even the Rookie is sticking his neck out for you, chicken sh*t!" Ditto growled, "He just started and he's putting in more effort than all of us combined. Take that to the ball sack, b*tch!"

    Just as he finished speaking, the main doors flew open, slamming into the wall. Hunched over in the doorway, hands on his knees as he desperately gasped for air, for Zoroark, his rather heavy scimitar strapped onto his back. Even after a few minutes of hyperventilating, he was still gasping for air as he walked towards the others and then hunched over the table.

    "Jesus! Rookie you alright? Ditto asked, only for Zoroark to silence him with a hand and then give him the middle finger.

    "I. Hate you all."

    "What about you, Captain Zoroark?" Alpha asked, turning his attention on the new-comer.


    "Do you think Loyal Team deserves punishment for the lack of effort put into fighting for this planet?"

    "Don't join the dark side, my young padawan" Ditto leaned his head over and whispered.

    Zoroark took a deep breath, thinking about his answer a moment. "Not to disrespect you sir, but no. As much as I'm starting to hate them, I still haven't really gotten to know them or their potential as of yet. Besides, they almost lost one of their own, and that hit them hard," He explained.

    "There's also the other Argo teams doing the same thing, losing teammates and failing on occasion. It's war, these things happen, we're all just doing our best to do what needs to be done and end this war for the sake of both sides. I'm putting my heart and soul into ending this and just keeping my fellow Loyals alive. So no, I don't think they, or any of the other teams either, deserve any kind of punishment."

    With that, Zoroark shook his head and left the table, joining Alakazam.

    "Hmm, I like this one," Alpha commented, an unusual smile on his face, "Even though your loyalty to Loyal sickens me, your words are far more convincing than the rest of these insubordinations. I'll be keeping a close eye on you."

    "You compiled a great number of words into that speech, I respect that of you," Alakazam commented to Zoroark, not looking up from his device.

    "Thank you sir," Zoroark mumbled, taking a seat at the other side of the table and lowering his head to try and get some rest.

    Getting back to the point, Poliwrath asked, "So what's this punishment you're speaking of? Suicide mission?"

    Alpha shook his head, taking a few seconds to think, "No, it's too early to kill you all. I have plans for you, you see, but there are other factors that must settle into place first."

    He pressed a few buttons on his computer beside him and a blue dot floated up a few feet above the computer. "I want you Commander, to select five of your team members and raid this;" He touched the small dot with a finger and threw it in front of him, causing a hologram of a castle to appear.

    The castle was around two feet in height and had four towers on each side of the slowly rotating, box-shaped castle. "This castle was recently taken over by Axis a few days ago," Alpha explained, not wasting any time, "And deep inside is a vault. The vault contains a computer chip; and its contents are none of your concern. Get in, retrieve the objective, get out, and deliver it back into our custody. I trust this will be a stroll in the park for you."

    Most of the team watched blankly, clearly not all that concerned or interested. Pidgeot grimaced and walked over to Alakazam and Zoroark, causing Alpha to hiss in annoyance at him.

    "You have a problem Ace Pidgeot?"

    "Yes, this is the reason why we're losing this Planet!" Pidgeot hissed in return, "You're sending us on a bloody goose chase, you mingy-minger-muppet.

    "Are you calling my missions goose chases?"

    "You heard him!" Infernape growled, also leaving the main table.

    Alpha yelled angrily, punching his table; "These are my orders and you will follow them! I have very little patience remaining, and if I don't begin to see some respect during the next few missions, I will personally kill you all!"

    Poliwrath wanted nothing more than to uproar against Alpha, man handle him a bit, but he had the self-control to hold it in, squeezing his fists and glaring instead. "I'd like to see you try," He growled.

    Alpha didn't bother giving the team eye contact, pressing buttons on his computer again; "By the way Commander, do you mind me asking-?"

    "I'm all ears."

    "With all the recent drama, Magma Nation joining Axis and their attacks on Fortune's orbital defence grids, is your precious Foxway Base prepared for any attacks?"

    "I bet my team on that," Poliwrath stated confidently.

    Alpha set aside his laptop and turned his attention back to Poliwrath, folding his hands in front of his mouth, a toothy smile on his face; "We'll put that to the test soon enough."

    "I would like to see that."

    The alpha hologram then disappeared, followed by Poliwrath's, and the room jumped, the whole team clearly feeling it. The lights flickered for a few seconds before a second jump was felt, this one strong enough to knock a few portraits to the floor. The main power dropped out and the emergency lights sparked to life, while flashes could be seen outside the windows. The team all looked to Sceptile, confused as to what had just happened.

    "My farts aren't that violent," He declared loudly, looking at each of his teammates.

    Infernape then left the table in a rush, brushing Mazda and a few of the others aside as he ran towards the balcony. As he arrived at the door, he didn't bother stopping, instead using a flamethrower to melt the glass door. He stopped in the middle of the balcony, staring up at the sky.

    Up in the air a ferocious battle was going on between Axis and the Allies. Dozens of Magma frigates and battleships covered the skies above Foxway Base, constantly dumping drop ships, star fighters, and bombers. High above all the chaos was the absolutely massive Magma command ship, easily five times larger than Foxway Base.

    Speaking of the base, it was already covered in fire caused by the bombers having dropped boulders and napalm boulders. Alarms were going off everywhere, and there were soldiers on the ground mobilizing and star fighters taking off into the sky. Foxway was in hell.

    The rest of the team finally joined Infernape, thoroughly awed and baffled by what was going on. Infernape pressed his ear piece; "Vex, update."

    "We're completely surrounded by Magma forces, all communications with outside are blocked. We have archers on all sections of the wall, our anti-air are doing their jobs on the planes and drop ships, while the bigger cannons are getting ready to blast the frigates. I've ordered all personal on base to report to the frontline, combat ready, but the enemy is pumping in way too many troops and bombing our anti-air and cannons faster than I can order things around." he explained.

    "My guess is that our defences will fall in two to three hours at the very most."

    "An hour and a half," Alakazam corrected.

    "Alright handle the troops, I'll handle my team. Keep me updated," Infernape replied, laying a hand upon Alakazam, the rest of the team doing the same.

    Alakazam teleported the team to the ground out the front of Argo HQ, into the middle of the chaos. Almost instantly, a boulder crashed into the side of the building, raining debris down on the Argos. Infernape quickly stepped forwards, incinerating the debris with another flamethrower, while Alakazam teleported away again. Gengar phased up through the pavement to join them, and Alakazam returned seconds later with Garchomp, Sudowoodo, Electivire, Toxicroak, Pinsir and Bibarel, the latter three still playing their game.

    At least until a boulder landed on Bibarel, breaking Toxicroak's concentration and forcing him to exhale, and frightening Sudowoodo enough for him to jump into Garchomp's arms.

    "I win!" Pinsir cheered, jumping for joy and pointing and laughing at his defeated opponents, completely over-exaggerating his victory.

    The team only spared him a moment's attention before focusing back on Infernape who was giving out orders; "Mazda, Ditto, Bibarel, I want those magma tanks out of this base. Zoroark, Pinsir, Sceptile, kill any Magma troops that try to enter the base. Zangoose get camped up on the building and lay down arrow support, Pidgeot, up in the air. The rest of you are with me on the counter attack. Go!"

    The team began to break off to do as they'd been told, leaving Alakazam and Sceptile looking at each other and shaking their heads.

    "Major we don't have the man power or time to hold off all sides. I recommend a new plan, "Alakazam stated, obviously not confident in Infernape's plan. That was all he said though, closing his eyes and putting two figures to his right temple, concentrating hard.

    A section of the wall exploded as heavy duty tanks began rolling in, firing boulders at absolutely anything.

    "They broke through already!" Ditto called out, running towards one tank with Mazda following, the two attempting to hi-jack it.

    The rest of the team followed suit, attempting to take out all the tanks. When an even larger tank bull-dozed through the wall, trampling tanks and troops alike, Sceptile pointed towards it; "Garchomp, smash!"

    Garchomp did as ordered, letting loose a mighty roar as he dashed through the enemy tanks, flipping them over. Sceptile, Machamp, and Toxicroak followed after him, all four of them slamming into the freakishly huge tank, and shoving it back towards the hole in the wall.

    Infernape observed the battle, sparing Alakazam, who was still completely zoned out, and Zoroark a glance. "You two help Sceptile and the others push, I don't want to see any tank in this base!" He ordered, Zoroark taking his scimitar off his back and proceeding to do as told.

    Alakazam however remained standing in the same spot, not even registering anything said to him.


    A large clang echoed from the other side of the wall before Garchomp was blasted out through the hole. He bounced along the concrete at high speed, Zoroark quickly diving out of the way, and headed straight towards Alakazam.

    "Get out the way you nerd!" Infernape yelled again, this time managing to snap Alakazam out of his concentration.

    He attempted to take his spoons out once he realized what was going on, but instead received a Garchomp to the face for his slowness. The two smashed through a building and landed, buried under a heap of rubble.

    Zoroark and Infernape then heard the same clanking sound and ventured to look through the hole, finding the massive tank slowly rolling around, shooting boulders at everything in its sight. The two were about to engage until a giggling behind Zoroark distracted him. He turned around and at first saw nothing, until Trojan Kecleon materialized and punched Zoroark in the face hard enough to send him flying into the fall. Infernape spun his Naginata spear over his head and attacked Kecleon, steel clashing against steel.

    Mazda, Ditto, Gengar, Electivire, and Pidgeot all swung in in an attempt to aid Infernape, but were quickly intercepted by Trojans Sandslash, Kabutops, Dusknoir, Weavile, and Staraptor.

    A few minutes into the fight, Infernape was winning, due to Kecleon tiring out quickly. Kecleon kicked out at Infernape, knocking him away, and quickly went into camouflage. Infernape managed to stay on his feet, but his back bumped into a stiff object. Turning around to see what it was, Infernape's eyes went wide, he dropped his spear, and completely froze.

    He was face to face with Blaziken.

    A smirk on her face, she jumped high into the air and performed a jumping spin kick; her foot connecting with Infernape's face and knocking him both onto the ground and out cold.

    Zangoose remained on the roof, watching the drama unfold, and following his orders to give arrow suppression. As he reached for another arrow from his quiver, his senses went off and he spun around, loading the arrow and aiming it at Trojan Seviper. He released it just as quickly, but she avoided it, aiming an overhead strike in retaliation. Zangoose side-stepped it, but Trojan Jynx teleported beside him, a smile on her face and a hand on his shoulder.

    "Hello sweetie pie." The smile transformed into an evil grin as she cast a psybeam, blasting Zangoose clear off the building and sending him free-falling towards the ground.

    They weren't done with him yet though. About halfway towards the ground a large metal ball threw itself at Zangoose, smashing him into the building. The ball then slammed back to the ground, revealing itself to be the heavily armored Miltank.

    Jynx and Seviper had just teleported down to stand beside her, when they felt rocks slapping them in the face. A glance around gave them a rather scared looking trio beginning to back away in regret; Pinsir, Sudowoodo, and Bibarel. Moments later the three took off running, the Trojans chasing after them.

    Zoroark crawled out of a wall, dizzy and delusional. He felt sick to the stomach, as though he was going to barf. His right arm was cut open, his left rib cage completely broken, and he was on his hands and knees coughing up blood, tears dropping and making his eyes heavy. Once a few feet away from the wall, he looked up slightly, only to spot the rest of the team on the ground, defeated and injured.

    Miltank and Kecleon were viciously kicking Pinsir over and over while he begged them to stop Ditto, Sudowoodo, Bibarel, Electivire, Pidgeot, and Gengar lay motionless, stacked on top of each other in front of a rather self-satisfied looking Blaziken, their bodies badly beaten and bloody. Mazda was sitting on the ground not too far away, wiping blood off his mouth, until Sandslash came up and clobbered the Marowak in the back of the head with his own bone, knocking him out cold.

    Zoroark remained where he was, holding his rib cage and taking deep painful breaths, trying to find the strength to get back up. He eventually managed it, but two figures stood over him, their voices mumbles to him as he was on the verge of passing out. It appeared to be Apollo and Azumarill. His vision hazy, and pain rushing through his body, he attempted to strike, only for Blaziken to step over and stomp on him. Everything went black, the voices, sounds of chaos, and the pain, all fading away.

    The next thing Zoroark knew, he felt like he was sitting; his hands tied behind his back, and his feet tied together and glued to the darkness below him. He felt like he was dead. As his eyes focused more, he began to see trees and a path, both covered in snow, and the moon to his left, shining brightly on him. A figure stood at the edge of the darkness, moving slowly towards him.

    The wind blew, moving the trees and causing an unnatural mist to roll in. Out of the mist, seats rose from the dirt floor, hooded figures occupying them, two tables appearing in the front. Three loud slams echoed beside Zoroark, a hooded judge suddenly appearing beside him and shouting in some unknown language that sounded mostly like gibberish. One of the figures approached Zoroark revealed himself.

    It was Ditto.

    The judge did the same, revealing himself as Pinsir, complete with grey curly hair and a very large metal hammer that he was waving around distractedly.

    "Captain," Ditto said, his voice echoing throughout the forest, like a whispering ghost in the night.

    "What's going on, sir?"

    "The Trojans have captured our friends and already executed a few of them. We need you to tell us a little bit of information about the Argos."

    "But where am I?"

    "I'm dead, and you've been captured by the Trojans," Ditto replied, "I'm in your dream to give you a warning. Tell them everything or they'll continue to kill our teammates, give them all Argo classified information."

    "I can't do that, even if it cost them their lives."

    "Truth or dare, Captain Zoroark E-571."

    "Sir? That's odd of you to say-"

    "Order in the court! Order in the court!" Pinsir interrupted, slamming his giant hammer on his podium and shaking the earth with every hit.

    "Captain Zoroark E-571! Truth or dare!

    "Umm, dare?"

    Ditto walked toward the crowd, stopping in front of them, his whisper echoing, "I dare you..."

    Silence crept in and Ditto began shivering violently. He then began to laugh, as though he was insane, a shadow rising around him. A demon-like body formed and warped in front of Zoroark, a round white face appearing, with wide eyes and teeth, blood dripping out of its nose.

    "...To plead guilty to the slaughter of hundreds of Axis troops, and give up information on the Argos, or you and your friends face execution!" It finished, speaking in three different voices, male, female, and child, at the same time.

    The face's mouth widened, revealing only pitch black darkness, and a gust of wind and shadow rushed out. Then suddenly, it pulled back behind the desk and returned to Ditto.

    "Oooooohhhhhhh!" Pinsir shouted, mimicking a ghost. He leaned over his podium, pointing at Zoroark; "Ooooooohhhhhhh!"

    Zoroark was completely confused and having trouble thinking. He closed his eyes tight, mumbling to himself; "This can't be real. Ditto would never call me that, and he wouldn't tell me to save others' lives; he's a selfish person..." He grit his teeth, shaking to try and get out of his bonds.

    Another voice echoed through the trees and darkness fell all over once more. "His mind is too strong. Mr. Mime, Dusknoir, wake him from his slumber."

    "Yes my lord," Ditto and Pinsir replied, both grinning widely.

    A shadow arose around Ditto again, warping in front of Zoroark and transforming into an armored Mr. Mime. Without warning he threw a punch, connecting with Zoroark's left cheek, and jolting his head hard to the right and forcing him to close his eyes for a moment.

    When he reopened them the forest was an inferno. A large tree burned hot and bright to his left, giving off an intense heat that crept up on him, causing his fur to begin steaming. He screamed loudly when his skin and fur lit up, only to receive another punch to the face.

    Opening his eyes again, he found himself now being pelted by a hard rain. He was on a lone stone pillar in the middle of an ocean, surrounded by a violent hurricane. Bright flashes of lightning lit up his face, thunder roaring in the background, and wind whipping at him.

    He saw the third punch coming and wasn't fazed by it. This time he was surrounded by sand, and looking around him he found he was on a sunny island beach. Crystal clear water surrounded him, a pair of Wingull's circling above, the sun shining on his left. It felt fake to him. Zoroark took a deep breath, closing his eyes and bracing himself for another punch.

    "I'm tired. Dusknoir, use your hammer," Growled Mr. Mime, vanishing into thin air.

    A leather armored Dusknoir with a large battle hammer resting on his shoulder appeared out of thin air in front of Zoroark. He wound up for a moment before finally swinging the hammer at Zoroark's skull. It knocked him off to his right, still tied to the chair, and slammed him down into the sand. The sand broke like glass, raining down into the darkness below, but the source of light stayed, shining brightly on him. Zoroark couldn't breathe, everything was in slow motion. His heart beat stopped and his mind went blank. Everything was calm, slow, and peaceful for a moment.

    Suddenly his heart began to beat faster and oxygen filled his lungs once more. Zoroark felt himself being dragged into the darkness and he closed his eyes briefly. They flew open again when he felt the impact from landing on hard cement.

    The pain finally struck him, aching excruciatingly throughout his body and causing him to yell out. Blood gushed out of his mouth and nose and onto the floor where he and the tipped over wooden chair he was tied to lay. His eyes were hazy and breathing was becoming more and more difficult with every breath he took. Light shone through a window to the left of him.

    He glanced in front of him to find Azumarill sitting on a chair, his feet resting on a table, as he played with dog tags.

    Loyal Team dog tags.

    Zoroark felt the force of a hammer slam into his face once more, more pain rushing through his body. As he looked up, he spotted the bounty hunter, who drove a punch into his left rib cage. He hunched over in agony, growling and yelling out as he spat up more blood. He bit his lip to try and hold in the pain, showing no sign of breaking.

    It was quiet, the only noise coming from Zoroark. Until a scratchy voice said; "Captain Zoroark. E-571."

    "Who said that?!" Zoroark ground out, continuing to hold in the pain.

    "I did."

    Four robotic spider legs tip-toed into his view, stopping in front of the injured Argo. Zoroark spat out more blood on one of the feet, and then took a deep breath, slowly lifting his head. Attached to a spider-like body was a computer with a hologram on it. A short figure decked out in a heavy black robe, a hood covering half of its face. The figure began to purr, licking its right paw. It then stopped and gave Zoroark a toothy grin.

    "Me. Supreme Commander Omega."

    Next...Chapter 13 – The Escape Goats
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