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    Originally Posted by ShinyUmbreon189 View Post
    -snip- Nobody can just afford to buy a pound unless they're selling it. Even if they legalized a max of a pound on you and say you threw a party and 20 ppl showed up. You'd still have over half of that pound left even if they were the high times contest smokers there smoking.
    Who says that? Not everyone has the same financial setting as you. I know a handful of people who only buy by the pound. Secondly... who says I even have to buy? I know plenty of people who grow--I help them grow. And you know what they give me? Bud. And a lot of it. From a lot of people.

    Again... you can't call anything out on the smoking habits of anyone. A pound is 16 oz. We'd have to smoke less than oz each to smoke that all up. We won't do it all at once... but we're still gonna get finished by the end of the night dude. I mean... if we were trying to.

    Originally Posted by Counterfeit View Post
    @von Weltschmerz If you are indeed telling the truth about how much you smoke, either your tolerance is ridiculously high or you are getting some extremely low quality bud.

    Either way it is you who is being ripped off; You shouldn't need to smoke anywhere near that much, and even if you did you should be staying high for much longer than a couple of hours.

    SWIM smokes every day and makes 3.5g of bud last a month. He smokes one half filled bowl of ground material in his pipe to achieve a fantastic high that lasts for upwards of 2 hours.
    Some of the people I know that grow sell to the clubs... and I'm pretty sure that they don't buy no dirt weed. But yeah... my tolerance is pretty high. And the bud I get is all good... haha. Who says I need to smoke that much?? I don't... I just like getting super high, aha. And if your buddy over there is gettin' high off a half-filled bowl then his tolerance is [i] ridiculously[i] low.

    Originally Posted by ShinyUmbreon189 View Post
    I smoke a 1/8 every 2 or 3 days, but 1 hit knocks me on my ass but that's cos it's 24% thc. If you are indeed smoking that much like Counterfeit said, then your getting really low quality bud or getting ripped off hard. Your probably mistaking an ouce for a pound. Tbh nobody's got a tolerance high enough to smoke a pound in a day not even half a pound in a day, not even Wiz Khalifa; and everyone knows he smokes a ridiculous amount of bud. Wiz MAY go through 1 - 1.5 oz alone MAX.[/quiz]
    Wiz is an idiot who also pays WAY too much for his weed. And sorry... but I'm not THAT stupid. I know the difference between an oz and a pound... Firstly... as has already been said... my tolerance is pretty high. Secondly... no one said that I wasn't going to be stoned beyond comprehension.
    He smokes all day too so you saying you smoke a pound don't fool anyone, it just doesn't sound right. The most I've smoked in a day was close to an oz and I didn't quit at all, there was 4 oz to 3 people. Everyone smoked the same amount but we didn't finish it and we were rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin. If it's chronic your smoking; that a pound goes through quick then you must be Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, and Dr. Dre in one person. I doubt they go through that much in a day, even if they were all smoking at the same time.
    I don't smoke a pound. And I didn't say that I do. I said that could and even then, I was talking in terms of having some of my buddies to help me. And... I'm sorry that you and your friends don't know how to smoke like me and mine do. Like I said...
    I'm not arguing with you I'm just saying how I know your lying and backing my answer up, once again your not fooling anyone but yourself. No one's gonna believe you. Even if you smoke an ounce a day you need to lay off cos that's still a lot of weed. It's still not dangerous but that much weed in a day will end up being dangerous if you rolling joints or blunts. It's not the weed that's dangerous it's the paper.

    Edit: I helped but to notice your claiming bud pricing. That's also another lie cos NO ONE gives out an ounce of chronic for $60. 1 gram of true high quality bud costs anywhere from $10-30 depending on dealer, any cheaper it's not high quality or your gettin ripped off a gram and it's prob a half gram. An ounce is 28 grams dude, do the math. 1/8 usually costs anywhere from $45-75 depending on the dealer, quarter $120-175 depending on dealer and an ounce is anywhere from $500-600 depending on dealer, sometimes more. So a pound is over $2500 if it's high quality. Regular weed only costs $100 for an ounce and it takes a whole quarter to even get lots of people buzzin good. So your gettin ripped off and it's not chronic. Again NOBODY sells an ounce of chronic for $60 bucks, they're losing over 400 bucks dude. Even growers don't sell it that low they MAYBE sell it for $300 minimum. Also where you gonna get a pound anyways? You either gotta grow it yourself, jack it from someone growing it, or you got it for $1000 and you owe them $2,000. It just makes no sense.
    It's not just a "claim" it's true... Like I said... I live in the Emerald Triangle. The weed up here is nothing but dank and hella cheap. Plus on top of that... I grow with the people who I buy from. So they hook me up. All the time. You aren't using logic here. How can you say no one is giving an oz out for 60 when I know plenty of people who are? Just because YOU wouldn't do that or YOU don't know anyone who does doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

    Obviously enough, different locations run different prices. Which I suppose could make it profitable for the "G's" in your area to lace their weed. I get an eighth for $20 on a bad day. We don't do any of that scale ****, either. So yeah, sometimes I probably get a little under what I pay for.. but other times I get a whole lot more. We just grab it by the handfuls, dude.

    Oh and for the record I messed up my math... A pound of true chronic costs over 8 grand dude, no joke. Do the math, if you have to, I'll even give you the numbers...... On average a gram is 20 so gram 20 x how many grams in an ounce 28 = 560 x ounces in a pound 16 = $8,960

    20 x 16 x 28

    Now that's business right there, guaranteed. No ones gonna buy a pound to smoke, $8,000 can buy a newer car dude.
    I would NEVER buy a gram. NEVER. That is just dumb as hell. If I was fiending that badly... I'd just have my friends kick me some. And they'd ALL give me A LOT more than a gram.

    Edit 2: Put this in your pipe and smoke it. I'm gonna use nothing but logic and common sense. So your tellin' me that you get 1/8 of an oz of chronic for $5 correct? 1/8 of an oz is 3 grams. So your tellin me that 1 gram of your chronic costs $1.70? That's bizzare dude, your obviously lying.
    I'm lying... because YOU think it is bizarre? Last time I checked... you didn't rule the Universe. And yeah... I could pretty much get a gram for a dollar. My homies brush a gram off their lap when they roll blunts, lol.

    No bud is $1.70 not even the crappiest bud. Dank, dank, cost's 20 a gram but sometimes 10 a gram if your friends with the dealer or he's just being nice. Wanna know why it costs that much? The grower is there all day treating it, to get the best quality. You don't gotta always be treating dirt weed cos it's growing in the ground. Chronic, dro, dank, kush, whatever you wanna call it requires lots of patience, time, and money to handle. They can easily be killed so the grower is constantly watching over it and treating it. That's why it costs so much. A grower isn't gonna sell his product he worked 6 weeks minimum on, for $1500 for a pound. He probably spends close to 2 grand for the materials every growing season. So I see no logic in your responses cos I just took the time to do the math, explain WHY it's so high, and using logic of my own to back up my response.
    My friends aren't just with the dealer/grower... my friends ARE the dealers/growers. Some of them, anyway. I don't see any logic here, really. Your logic is "X is right because I think so."

    YOU might not sell your product for 1500... but I know people who would and do. If he is spending that much on supplies... he has a really bad head for business. That is SO MUCH MORE than you need to spend.

    If your truely getting an 1/8 for $5 bucks then it's not chronic and that's a guarantee, I already gave you the prices for chronic and goes for everywhere on this planet. Nowhere on this planet has potent weed that cheap. So NO I'm not gettin ripped off your the one trying to sound like a hotshot for some reason, while I'm here stating the facts. Look at how many likes my post already has dude.
    How can you say that? Tell me. Do you have a source? Do you have any evidence to support such a blatantly wrong claim?

    Why? It's simple, your lungs and throat can't handle that large of an intake of smoke, were not gorillas dude; were human beings. My lungs are not weak for your information I just don't choose to smoke an ounce a day cos it costs so much, and it doesn't make me cool or a true smoker. A true smoker only smokes around a gram a day to themselves. An ounce is just stupid. Plus nobody's gonna smoke up 100+ friends like you said, cos you don't have that many friends. I don't nobody's got that many friends to smoke up. 4 people can't smoke a pound, 8 people can't smoke a pound, 16 people MAYBE be able to smoke a pound. Smoking isn't a contest dude, nobody smokes that much marijuana in a day. So your gonna need over 60+ people to smoke a pound in a day, that's if it's chronic. Nobody but you I guess feels the need to claim they smoke a pound in a day or even an ounce a day. The only people that even smoke an ounce a day are dealers but they usually don't, growers don't even smoke that much; even though they got pounds to smoke to themselves. You got no logic at all.

    So imma fire it back at you. You dig?
    Okay? Even following your logic that we can't intake that much smoke... all we have to do is increase the divisor and that problem is simplified. You know what a true smoker does? He doesn't pick at the habits of other smokers like he is some kind of professional. A "true" smoker lives and lets live. It's as simple as that.

    And no... I don't dig. I don't see how you provided any more validity to your claims. You're just breathing hot air
    Being wrong isn't "bad", failing to admit that you are, is.
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