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Originally Posted by ElitePokes View Post
Wow that was very fast lmao!
I like the list of changes and fixes in the new patch ill try it today when my net gets faster i can barely open this page haha :D
I wonder how could the sprites cause the dex glitch 0.o
Can you give an example of a use of the sprites that can be seen from other maps?
Thanks again for fixing the Dex for a moment i thot that its another Android exclusive bug
It was because the address that the mod was using accidentally overwrote the Pokédex caught/seen locations.
And an example of that would be the border between Routes 38 and 39; you can see a Beauty from Route 39 and a Cooltrainer from Route 38. That, or Azalea and Route 33; you can see the Hiker from Azalea.
Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
ElitePokes, you forgot to mention Baboa in the Safari Zone. His calls are scripted after you meet him and he registers you.

But that was an addition to HG/SS and wasn't in the original Crystal. The question becomes whether diego is including the Safari Zone, in which case we have to account for this.

I will not be having Baboa in the game, nor the Cianwood Safari Zone; you'll just have to wait and see for the Safari Zone.
Originally Posted by Shiny Zard View Post
If this was more of HG&SS or Crystal, I would still play it! But is this legit or not: I found a Shiny Magikarp on the first try in the lake of rage.
That Shiny Magikarp is legit, nice job! Also, I'm not quite sure what you mean by that first sentence.

Android mini-update released! The Android day of the week bug has now been fixed! :D

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