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    Originally Posted by diegoisawesome View Post
    I hope I can, but don't take that as confirmation.

    Also new in this update: inescapable Pokémon, new music (and Silver sprite) from tonti, and new Falkner overworld sprite from Retribution!
    And now more in-depth:
    Pokémon that were inescapable in Crystal (such as Suicune or the Pokémon in the Rocket Hideout) are now inescapable in CrystalDust!
    New music from tonti includes the two Bug-Catching Contest themes and a new Goldenrod City theme! The Silver battle sprite has also been updated by him.
    A new and not-crap Falkner overworld sprite, made by Retribution, makes its debut!

    Please share your opinions on all the new things in the thread!
    (Don't worry, Android testing coming soon)
    great update, i'll see what i can do for the upcoming patches. i hope i can contribute to the changes of this hack.
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