Thread: [Completed] JavaScript Mini Pokémon Game
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So i played this, and i have to say, i was disappointed. i can see a lot of potential in a small self-contained pokemon game such as this, and it could be a fun little distraction, but ultimately the gameplay elements got in the way. battles are boring and repetitive, and without the presence of type matchups and only 2 basically identical attacks, it's just a matter of pressing the same buttons over and over again. the game overall is incredibly sluggish; the text speed is too slow without any way to advance it more quickly, and the walking speed lags as well. in addition, leveling up is slow and the fact that you can't add any of the pokemon you catch to your team means you're stuck using the same pokemon the entire way through. there is no element of strategy other than pure grinding. i had hoped that this would be at least mildly entertaining but instead i feel like i just wasted my time. (a lack of any way to record data and return to it later also contributes to that feeling.)

i realize this was just a side project that was made for educational purposes, but the game is just so frustrating that it is hardly even a game at all. which is too bad, because i think a Java-based Pokemon engine would be something really cool.