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I have some questions regarding Kanto:

1) Are you going to keep the maps the same size as they were in FR/LG, or are you going to shrink them like G/S/C did? (hint: please don't shrink them)
2) Will Cerulean/Fuschia & Cinnabar actually have their correct music like in HG/SS, or are you going to just make them use the Viridian City music like G/S/C did? (hint: please let them have their correct music)
3) Will Cerulean Cave be included?
3a) If Cerulean Cave is included, will it use the Rocket Hideout music from FR/LG, or will it have generic Kanto cave music like in HG/SS?
4) Will Seafoam Islands be fully included (and by fully included, I don't mean just Blaine's Gym like in G/S/C, I mean Blaine's Gym AND the actual cave like in HG/SS)
4a) If Seafoam Islands is fully included, will it use Viridian Forest music like in R/B/Y & FR/LG, or will it use Ice Path music like in HG/SS?
5) Are you considering restoring Route 23, or at least adding an explanation as to why it magically disappeared?
6) Will the Kanto Safari Zone be included?
7) Will Viridian Forest be included?

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