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Originally Posted by ElitePokes View Post
Id love to have Pokemon following you like in the Remakes but i guess thats very hard to do :D
But can this be done at all?
Lol something like this but replace if with a Pokemon OW :D
It's not possible to do since nobody's figured out how to make a sprite follow you. Besides that, I would have to have every single sprite of every single Pokémon in the game, and I can't do that.
Originally Posted by Chaos Rush View Post
I have some questions regarding Kanto: (Please be aware that my answers only represent the planned Kanto, as I haven't gotten there yet)

1) Are you going to keep the maps the same size as they were in FR/LG, or are you going to shrink them like G/S/C did? (hint: please don't shrink them) Sorry, they're being shrunk.
2) Will Cerulean/Fuschia & Cinnabar actually have their correct music like in HG/SS, or are you going to just make them use the Viridian City music like G/S/C did? (hint: please let them have their correct music) Sorry, they're having the same music as in GSC.
3) Will Cerulean Cave be included? Possibly.
3a) If Cerulean Cave is included, will it use the Rocket Hideout music from FR/LG, or will it have generic Kanto cave music like in HG/SS? I haven't even thought that far yet.
4) Will Seafoam Islands be fully included (and by fully included, I don't mean just Blaine's Gym like in G/S/C, I mean Blaine's Gym AND the actual cave like in HG/SS) Possibly.
4a) If Seafoam Islands is fully included, will it use Viridian Forest music like in R/B/Y & FR/LG, or will it use Ice Path music like in HG/SS? Again, still haven't gotten there.
5) Are you considering restoring Route 23, or at least adding an explanation as to why it magically disappeared? Not really, sorry.
6) Will the Kanto Safari Zone be included? No, the Safari Zone has been moved to the Sevii Islands.
7) Will Viridian Forest be included? If you mean as its own map, then no.
Responses in bold. I'm sorry that most of them aren't what you wanted to hear, but that's just the style of this remake.

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