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Wow, your account is quite old! Wonderful that you haven't forgotten about the site and decided to check back all this time later. <3 Great to meet you and welcome back! And of course, there are a lot of new faces around here (as well as old-time members that have stuck around), so you'll be meeting lots of people on the forum.

Another aspiring hacker, I see! That's neat. Hacking's very popular here so people are always working on new games/mods or tools for other hackers to use, so you've made a good choice becoming a member. Keep on practicing and I'm sure you'll soon be good enough to tutor other new hackers that are in need of help! What's your favorite hack that you've played? I was really hooked on Expert Emerald for a while but am stuck at a certain gym leader, so I'm currently trying out some new ones. The members here make some really great games.

Anyway, see you around and have a wonderful time here! I'm always open to help you out if you're confused with anything, so feel free to drop off a message anytime. :D

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