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    Hi guys, I'm AllyJacqui and I make Youtube Videos. :D I have done one other let's play before this one (The original Spyro The Dragon), but since its already completed I won't be posting it in this thread. If you do however want to watch it first (Since I will be referencing it in this Let's play) The playlist can be found on my channel. I'd link it, but I'm not sure If i'm allowed to. If a mod can tell me if i'm allowed to link a playlist of the previous game, that would be greatly appreciated.

    But now that, that's out of the way. I have recently started this let's play and I uploaded the first video... about ten minute ago. xD

    So here it is -

    I update once every day or so, so keep tuned in this thread for updates, or subscribe to my channel for instant updates.

    Most of all, I'd just like your feedback, I don't care if you thumbs the video up or down - or even not at all. I'd just like tips to improve.

    Second part is UP!
    Next part will either be up tomorrow or the next day.

    ~ AllyJacqui, aspiring cosplayer from Sydney Australia ~