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Ooh, I really like your username. Serperior is my favorite grass type right now (well, the whole Snivy line) so he's most certainly worthy of being an emperor. <3

Anyway, a huge welcome to the forum, Serperior! Of course we'll accept you as a member; everyone on the forum is friendly, so don't ever worry about dropping off a message. :3 But aww, I love Bisharp, but to each their own haha. I recommend posting around the 4th Gen Games section if you're into Diamond/Pearl, you'll find a lot of other fans over there. <3 But that's one of the many sections of the forum, so go and explore around some more if you haven't already. (But I can so agree, I wanted to be a Pokemon for such a long time as a kid, mostly Pikachu. XD; Brings back a lot of memories!)

Grass, water, and dragon types are all really cool too, especially Altaria like Galoria mentioned. But each of those types has so many cool Pokemon that it's hard to list them all.

See you around and feel free to contact me if you'd like to chat or need help!

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